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Hi +Michelle NCARB / all -

I'm taking the exam this Tuesday (sorry a little bit last minute) and would appreciate greatly if you could take a look at my below roof solution.

Two comments:
- The low roof is asymmetrical but I wanted to keep the slope the same to keep things quick. This resulted in the east side of the low roof to have a higher elevation than the left. Is this fine?

- does it matter where along the west wall I place the clerestory?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi +Michelle NCARB +Ryan NCARB / All --

Taking the SPD exam this coming Wednesday! Would love to get any feedback you'd be able to provide on my site design vignette solution below.

I'm feeling a little uncertain with how the walkways are connecting to the plaza and buildings (ie: do they need to overlap in order for the computer to read correctly? or do they just need to be touching the edges?).

Thank you in advance!

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Hi +Michelle NCARB / community,

My first pass at the building systems vignette below; taking the exam next week! Would appreciate any feedback you guys can send my way.

Please also correct me if I'm wrong but, I have an area here my rigid duct is running over my light fixture -- that's okay right? Second question -- can someone confirm whether or not that flex/rigid duct is able to run over grills if need be?

Thank you!!!
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