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Church of St. Nikolaus, Lockenhaus, Austria
Image courtesy of  Wikipedia Baroque in style, this lovely church building was built between 1655 and 1669. It was named in honor of Nicholas of Myra and Nicholas of Tonentino.

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FOLLOWING JESUS: In 181 Scenes Announcing Amazon Giveaway
Please enter this  ‪#‎ Amazon Giveaway‬  for a chance to win a  FREE copy  of  FOLLOWING JESUS: In 181 Scenes!  (Just click  here )! This timeline book chronicles the Early Middle ministry of Jesus in a very unique way. Please visit my  website  for an exce...

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FOLLOWING JESUS: In 181 Scenes by Melanie Karis (also writing as Ann Nichols)
Hello dear Blogging friends. I've been away for awhile... and this is why! My newest release -  FOLLOWING JESUS: In 181 Scenes It is available at  (and other Amazon sites around the world)  as well as other retail outlets. Please "Look Inside" it...

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For Springtime in Greece and all around the Northern Hemisphere! 

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While Walking Around Greece...
There were fresh footsteps in the sand... Footsteps captured by sand so perfectly show our pauses and motions in life. The girl had stopped ( two foot imprints together ), maybe to look out at the sea, maybe to watch the water as it gathered around her toes...

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New from Lucy today! Please share it and if you have the time leave a comment! Thanks!

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Here's something new from Lucy today! Please comment on it and share it with others. Thanks!

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Hi Brenda!
Hope you are well (I'm so sorry about all those fires in Australia...)
I'm still trying to figure out google+! It's fun!
Check out my new blog
You're kids will probably like it!

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Dear Welcoming Lady...
Warming herself by her 100 year old fireplace... So often we discover some of the world's greatest people in the most unexpected places. This is how it was with this dear lady. One of the world's greatest... living in a remote Greek mountain village, caring...

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That is... meet her at this link!
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