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Made deep fried kool aid for the first time...looks terrible but tastes great.
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deep fried......... kool aid??? And I thought the deep fried butter sticks were weird LOL
Yeah, bought a small fryer for the lil bro for christmas; just tried it out today! I can feel my arteries clogging up from this thing!.....30 years down the road that is :).
Brian W
presentation isn't everything, but yea... that looks terrible. How did you get to frying kool aid? Didn't have any plain or confectioners sugar?
Little brother wanted to try it, so I got a recipe and tried it :). First time deep frying it so it turned out good, though not good for ya.
Yeah it looks gross, but it's pretty good. I tried balling it up into chunks but the consistancy was too watery, so I ended up with lumps rather than chunks :)
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