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11 Interesting Facts About Spain For Your Tapas Dinner Party

So you’re planning to impress your friends with a #tapas #dinner #party. Now you just need some interesting dinner party trivia. Worry not, we’re on hand to help. Cook yourself interesting. Here are some interesting facts about #Spain to amuse your dinner party guests.

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How to Make Spanish Omelette; Our Favourite Recipes

Originating in the Basque Country, #Spanish #Omelette is one of Spain’s most recognisable and versatile dishes. It is consumed not only in Spain but all over the world, being particularly popular in South American Countries. Made from Eggs and Potatoes, it is a simple yet delicious traditional dish! There is a common debate over whether onions should also be used in the dish, resulting in there being many recipe variations. As it’s one of our favourite Spanish dishes, we wanted to delve deeper into its history and share with you how to make Spanish Omelette.

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Spanish Wine Regions: Rioja

An Introduction to the Spanish Wine Region of Rioja
Rioja is the jewel in Spain’s wine making crown but how much do you know about the region? Get your notepad out, here’s an introduction to the Spanish wine region of Rioja.

Introduction to #Spanish #Wine Designations of Origin
In #Spain there are 69 Wine Designations of Origin, #Rioja, #Ribera del #Duero, Priorat, Penedés and Cava being the most renowned.

As a quick reminder, DO and PDO are awards for certified high quality products.

Wines can be DO labelled when they are compliant with the following requirements:

They are produced within the boundaries of a specific territory.
They are produced using only grapes grown in the DO territory.
They have special characteristics achievable only by producing them in the local area where they are elaborated.
They are obtained from vine varieties belonging to Vitis Vinifera.

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Hidden Spanish Holiday Destinations You Ought to Visit

Everyone knows about the popular #Spanish #holiday destinations. There’s so much more to our great country than just these tourist spots though. We’ve taken a look at some of the less-known places to visit on your next trip abroad. Here’s our list of hidden Spanish holiday destinations that you really ought to vacate to.

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Pa Amb Tomàquet Recipe: Quick, Simple & Delicious

Truth be told, there’s little need to detail a recipe for this intrinsically #Catalan dish. It really is so easy to make. Having said this, we’ve seen plenty of #recipes where chefs concoct complicated tomato sauces to drizzle on the bread. This may look and taste delicious, but it simply isn’t #pa amb #tomàquet. Don’t overthink or over complicate this dish. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Here’s why you should fall in love with this glorious plate which finds its routes in the fields of Catalonia.

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How to Make Paella - Our Favourite Recipes

#Paella is one of the most recognised #Spanish #dishes in the world but with so many variations on this Spanish classic dish, many people often find themselves wondering how to make paella. Whether you’re looking for a hearty Sunday dish for all the family or a quick, tasty mid-week meal for one, our favourite recipes offer something for everyone.

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A Beginner's Guide to Sherry with Annie B's Spanish Kitchen

#Sherry is a cornerstone of #Spanish culture but too few people in the UK truly understand what makes this national drink so special. We wanted to change this. This week we’re very excited to feature the expertise of sherry aficionado Anne Manson of Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen. In her beginner’s guide to sherry, Annie tells you everything you need to know about this favourite beverage of ours. Glasses at the ready!

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What is Flamenco? A Beginner’s Guide
Everyone’s aware that Flamenco is an important part of #Spanish #culture. But how much do you actually know about this expressive art? We’ve put together a beginner’s guide to Flamenco to help expel a few myths and answer the important question; what is #Flamenco? Hopefully this can offer more insights into this entertaining song and dance. Next time you’re enjoying a flamenco performance, show off to your friends about your knowledge.

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The Best #Spanish #Restaurants and #Tapas Bars in #Leeds.
t’s that time again, we’re bringing you another collection of our favourite tapas restaurants. This week we’re visiting Leeds and offering our recommendations from the vibrant northern city. So, if you’re out in the Yorkshire city and feeling a little peckish, you’ll know where to head. This is our definitive list of the best Spanish restaurants and tapas bars in Leeds.
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