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ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat
Luxury Accommodation in Naxos
Luxury Accommodation in Naxos


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ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat sends Seasonal Blessings to all of you and wishes you happiness, success, good health, serenity and prosperity for 2019! May the beauty and joys of the season stay with you during the whole year!
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Hiking on Naxos Island, Greece.....

We are proud to inform you that ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat is officially certified as a “Hikers Friendly Hotel”, the first hotel on Naxos island that has been awarded with the Gold “Hikers Friendly Hotels” certification for its services relating to hiking activities. We look forward to welcoming you in this new alternative adventure!!!

We believe that an amazing hiking experience starts with great hospitality! Enjoy your stay, explore the trails of the area and have a fantastic hiking experience.!!!

The stunning ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat is a lovely, eco-friendly accommodation choice in Naxos. Situated in the core of the island, ELaiolithos offers splendid views, sublime Naxian food, and lots of hiking options. Visit and get acquainted with the lovely owner who will tell you all about Naxos and become a friend in no time.
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Luxury Suites with Concept in Naxos island, Greece. Admire what is unfolding in front of you, Let it soak it in and Collect Everlasting Moments!!!

💥ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat in Naxos - Authentic, Natural and Genuine.💥

Nestled in the core of mainland of the island, far from the bustle and noise of the town, in the beautiful landscape of Drimalia Valley, the ELaiolithos offers Luxury Suites with a Concept for an individual, authentic and endless relaxing stay!

Enjoy your holiday with a personal atmosphere, and excellent service. We have put our heart, soul and passion to create for you unforgettable memories about our island and local hospitality. Once you leave from your Suite, a piece of Naxos will accompany you....

At the enchanting hotel complex "ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat" your accommodations are a matter of choice between fully furnished apartments with bedrooms and a separate sitting, living room area, all fully equipped to service your daily requirements.

Each Suite at the ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat is unique with it's own character, ambiant atmosphere and soul. Uniquely designed traditionally and with comfort, luxury and relaxation in mind.
The decorations create an irresistible romantic mood.

All the Suites have their own patio on the terrace with a stunning view!

WHY BOOK with ELaiolithos for your next holiday in Naxos, Greece? Because ELaiolithos is a unique Dream Vacation on a Real Destination where you will experience
1. Its amazing location and amphitheatrically stunning view. The only spot on the island where you can access it from three different roads, it is a junction - ideal point to explore the whole island. ELAIOLITHOS faces the Drymalia valley, the greenest part not only in Naxos but in Cyclades, with 400,000 olive and citrus trees.
Drymalia valley is called the
"Mystras of the Aegean" because of its infinite precious Byzantine churches.
2. Faces the oldest Byzantine Church in Balkans, Panagia Drosiani (350 m walking distance)
3. Faces Zeus, the tallest mountain in Cyclades with 1004 m Height. Once on top you can view all Cycladic islands. It is a 7 minutes away drive away to Aria Spring
4. Faces an array of picturesque villages all around
5. It faces the famous #Chalkio village (3.5 Km away, 5 minutes by car) which is the old capital of the island, and one of the most beautiful villages of Naxos. The Citron Distillery Museum is also here.
6. Numerous hiking/ trekking routes have a starting point here with the most interesting monuments to be seen and visited
7. The marble quarries are within 5 minutes distance
8. You will taste the difference with the local cuisine. The most fertile region of Naxos is in Moni, where #ELaiolithos is situated. Local gastronomy here will indulge your palate!
9. Faces the 8 pyramid - shaped mountains with the sea and Sikinos and Ios islands visible in between them.
10. It is 1.5 Km from Moni, the village of the best stone builders since old ages and the source of the loom weaving textiles where most of its women have a loom in their house and an Exhibition- Workshop exists.

🗺️Let us inspire You.....

➡️Site: |
☎️ Tell: + 30 698 6083477
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Explore New Destinations....Start planning your next exciting holidays? Book with ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat, in the core of Naxos island, Greece, where authenticity in all means exists. A magical spot in the 💓 of Naxos' mountains where the page of a special story of hospitality will be written..... A natural landscape surrendered to oblivion and to silence, awaits to be discovered step by step....Follow it, hear it, smell it, feel it, taste it, live it, take it all in!!!

I've done my best to create ELaiolithos, my 30 year dream came true stone by stone and filled with love, my heart and my soul in every little detail inside out.

In this Unique place, the concept mountainous Suites with their comfort and Luxury along with the magic of scenery, the pristine surroundings and my passion, you will experience moments of deep relaxation, rebirth, and contact with your loved ones, yourself and the unspoiled, true Naxos island!

ELAIOLITHOS is a dreamlike hotel resort experience where love for nature and art, tradition, mythology, local history and culture, folklore, and ecological conscience along with authentic hospitality makes sense and travels you to a different holiday level....

Follow your heart, Follow the mountains, Follow the difference...

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Love is in the air... Not..... Love is in Naxos and more particularly in ELaiolithos...

ELaiolithos offers you the experiences you desire. It is a destination which creates priceless memories, makes you relax and fall in love with Naxos island. Surrounded by vibrant landscape, a rich heritage of the hinterland., and ancient tourist attractions, ELaiolithos is a top destination in Naxos island.

The hotel stands out for its luxury ambiance, its exceptional service and its amazing landscapes.

Top 7 reasons that make this hotel a great choice for travelers to Naxos:
1. Unique Location
2. Room Experience, Upscale Design
3. Affordable and Delicious Local Cuisine
4. Feel Good
5. Spend Relaxing Moments in a Romantic Nest
6. Wow Factor & Artistic Intuition
7. Outstanding, Personal Attention

#naxosaccomodation #cyclades_islands #feelgood #secludedhotel #respectprivacy #relaxingmoments #naxosholidays #naxosislandholidays #naxoshinterland #mountain #landscape
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At ELaiolithos guests are invited to enjoy their time in elegance!

Enjoy the beauty of ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat by night. Enjoy unrivaled views of the night sky. Perfect base for exploring Naxos island. Don’t miss the chance to capture the magical view of Naxos' hinterland. Discover all the utterly enchanting sights, and views from ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat where most of the sites are located really close to each other and around this area.
Enjoy the sight of ELaiolithos' nighttime from its huge terrace The lights from the surrounding villages look like paper lanterns and hanging garden lanterns that shine beautifully through the darkness, and create an entirely different effect from the daytime scenery. Enjoy a little luxury at the authentic bar - A Great View With No Line. The Cafe-Snack-Bar serves also very good local gastronomic food and enables you to have a nice drink or local food while enjoying the most delightful view of Naxos!

When one comes to Naxos, they want to create the best memories and keep it preciously as best as possible. And going at the ELaiolithos is a must if you want to take the best shots and memories of the authentic side of Naxos island with you ...

#greece #cyclades #naxos #island #elaiolthos #surroundings #chalkio #apeiranthos #zasmountain #naxosholidays
#cycladesholidays #elaiolithosmagic #enjoy # mountain #weddings
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1.Naxos: Stepping out into the real world of a self-sufficient island
2.Self-sustained culture rare in the globalized world
3.Amazing attractions and magnificent sights
4.Life in Naxos goes slowly in everything
5.Here you don’t just see the people but you meet the people

A guest post by Helen Marakis, a local in Naxos island, Greece. She moved from New York to Naxos and she describes in a rather poetic way how she experiences the island life. Helen also runs and owns the Elaiolithos Luxury Retreat in Naxos.
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Naxos Accommodation ......Holidays in Naxos Island, Greece....

Experience relaxation and nurture and revitalize yourself in this spectacular natural environment. ......ELaiolithos is a joy for all the senses. It invites you to awaken to a new kind of vacation experience. It provides luxury accommodation; its rooms are a testament to the surroundings, where a sense of elegance and earthiness prevails.

ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat: An astonishing mountain paradise at a distance of 16km (11 miles) far from Chora that will captivate you and bring you face to face with a much more 'real' way of life. Come, rest and renew .Calm your mind and soothe your soul......
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Holidays to Naxos island Greece? What to do in Naxos? Would you like to explore and discover undiscovered jewels in the middle of nowhere?
ELaiolithos will capture your heart.

Let yourself be pampered with unique combination of exquisite cozy treatment and distinguished luxury hotel atmosphere. A Visit to ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat in the hinterland of Naxos is a must while in Naxos, even if you stay in another hotel because of its exquisite MENU. Relax, unwind, refresh, indulge, and ENJOY on the terrace unspoilt idyllic views, your coffee, drink, cocktail, Naxian delicacies with local ingredients for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks - a unique menu with bio organic products and gluten free options. Eat Healthy, and Deliciously, Enjoy what you eat, and make your heart and body beautiful, in ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat while enjoying panoramic views of the one third of the island.

The hinterland of Naxos is among the places that have not yet received the reputation that it deserves, which is not bad at all, since this is one of reasons why it has managed to preserve its great natural beauty. Being an undiscovered destination, Naxos' mountaneous region picks the interest of the adventurous travelers, making a hot topic for adventure seekers, explorers., and all those who love nature, its beauty and the beauty of the human soul in the local level....

Visit ELaiolithos where you can feel the sensations that nature evokes, finding new energy and drink and eat like a local. The scent of the plants, sounds of the cicadas chirping away in the dark sky at night and warm earthy colours (dark browns of the earth, light blues of the sky and deep greens of the olives) will linger in the memory. As will the genuine friendliness of that staff that works here, from the girls that prepare the superb breakfast or lunch or brunch to Helen the owner.

In short, ELaiolithos is a lovely part of the world you will enjoy it!
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Διακοπες στη Ναξο? Δεν μπορειτε να μην επισκεφθειτε τον Ελαιολιθο για ενα καφε, ενα ποτο η ενα cocktail. Eδω θα ζησετε κατι μοναδικο σε τοπικες γευσεις κ θα απολαυσετε μαγευτικη θεα με το 1/3 του νησιου να ειναι στα ποδια σας - απιστευτη ειδυλλιαακη θεα!

Ο Ελαιόλιθος σας καλοσωρίζει με ενθουσιασμό στη φετινή καλοκαιρινή περίοδο με πραγματική θέρμη όπου άνοιξε τις πόρτες του για όλο το κοινό με την δημιουργία του Cafe-Snack-Bar στο χώρο του ξενοδοχείου.

Μια ειδυλλιακή θέα και μια εκλεκτή λίστα menu καθώς και ξεχωριστά δικά μας cocktails σας περιμένει! ( bio organic and gluten free menu also)

Ανάμεσα σε ελαιόδεντρα και κτισμένος αμφιθεατρικά στο βουνό, ο Ελαιόλιθος προσφέρει ανοιχτό ορίζοντα και πανοραμική, καθηλωτική θέα στην ενδοχώρα της Νάξου, προς το χωριό Μονή και το βουνό Ζα, την Παναγία τη Δροσιανή, το λεκανοπέδιο της Τραγαίας με το χωριό Χαλκί, το Δαμαριώνα και το Δαμαλά ορατά, την πυραμοειδή οροσειρά και τη θάλασσα στο βάθος, ενώ όταν το επιτρέπουν οι καιρικές συνθήκες και ο ορίζοντας είναι καθαρός διακρίνεται η Ιος και η Σίκινος.

Ενας υπέροχος χώρος που αξίζει να χαλαρώσεις και να απολαύσεις το καφέ σου, κάποιο snack, ή το ποτό σου και να το συνδυάσεις με εικόνες που θα σε εμπνεύσουν!!!

Η ατμοσφαιρική βεράντα σε συνδυασμό με το ειδυλλιακό περιβάλλον δημιουργεί μια υπέροχη εμπειρία πολλαπλών αισθήσεων, που θα σας μείνει αξέχαστη!

Είμαστε ανοιχτά καθημερινά έως αργά το βράδυ. Tel #698 608 3477
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