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Changing our minds one idea at a time.
Changing our minds one idea at a time.

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Just a reminder, we're now blogging at +The Curious Ape. Be sure to follow us here on Google+.

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Google Lets You Explore National Parks Using 360-Degree Video
Did you know you could visit the National Parks from the comfort of your own home? Get the kids, because when you’re done visiting Google’s “The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks” online, you’ll want to go there in person.

#nationalparks #google #nature

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Just a reminder, we're blogging over at +The Curious Ape now. Here's one of our posts from this week.

That Buzzfeed Mercury Retrograde Video Is All Kinds of Wrong
Mercury retrograde is a giant nocebo effect, which is based entirely on an ancient and faulty view of the solar system. Buzzfeed just reported on it like almost 500 years of science never happened.

#science #pseudoscience #mercuryretrograde #mercury

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Just a reminder: The Discarded Image is now +The Curious Ape. Here's the latest post.

Short Science: Reporting on SETI Sends Mixed Signals
Reporting online often goes off-the-rails and stories about finding an alien signal this week are textbook examples.

#seti #setisignal #science #astronomy #space

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Reminder: We're now blogging at +The Curious Ape. Here's the latest.

“Dumpsterpieces” and the Heart of a Traverse City Alley
What do you do when your business’ storefront is on an alley? Beautify the alley by turning dumpsters into art.

#traversecity #dumpsterpieces #art #students

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Reminder: We now blog at +The Curious Ape. Follow us on Google Plus to keep up with our newest posts. Here's the latest.

Where’s The World’s Largest Astronomical Earthworks? In Ohio, That’s Where

An amazing earthwork structure with astronomical precision is the home of a Native American sacred site; it is also where you’ll find lots of polo shirts and ballcaps zipping along on white carts.

#nativeamericans #ohio #newarkearthworks #astronomical #cosmology

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Rev. of Menachem Wecker & my book "Consider No Evil" on academic freedom in religious higher ed in National Catholic Rep.

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Budi, the baby orangutan at IAR's Orangutan Rescue Centre | International Animal Rescue

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Not what you might think > Why We Didn’t Vaccinate Our Child | Night of the Living Dad

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3 Places to See The Milky Way | The Discarded Image
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