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What a shame. Google has effectively killed everything that was unique and wonderful about Reader with this redesign.

My friends and I have been using the service daily (indeed many times a day) for years and years now. We extensively made use of the sharing and commenting functions. Google ripped all of that out of the system.

Their original blog post about the redesign led me to believe there would be deep Google+ integration into this, i.e. inline commenting would appear both there and be duplicated on +, as it was with Reader and Buzz. This isn't the case at all.

Instead all we have now is a +1 button that forces us to push the share to our Google+ stream, just as it does with any other website that carries the button, where all that social activity is now expected to take place. This takes so much out of the experience Reader used to have. Social is now a massive inconvenience, not a nicely integrated bonus.

Unbelievable. I wonder if this will break all the third party API-based clients like Reeder for iOS/Mac as well.

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Super awesome.

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This is the actual astronaut that has been sharing all those cool photos of earth. Follow him to see more of his pics.
How I spent my last day in space That's me in the cupola of the International Space Station off the coast of Australia taking my last of over 25,000 pics that I still want to share w/ everyone

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What was that about hats again?

I will probably be deleting my account tonight since Google will do it for me once my complaint posts reach them. I will not give Google my legal name. All the people I added on here know me in real life and know me by this name. It is not my friends that Google is worried about---despite their claims otherwise---it is the people they want to sell my personal information to and I'm not down for it. I have my YouTube account, my blogger blog, my reader account, my google voice account, etc. all linked to this account. I do not want my legal name associated with those accounts so as I read it, that means no Google+ for Gamera.

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On my way to brunch Sunday, saw some folks doing something similar on the fence around the Big Hole in downtown Champaign.
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