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The future does not belong to those who wait.
The future does not belong to those who wait.

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A lot of people (specially the self-proclaimed physics experts that seem to proliferate within the bright and dark corners of the Internet these days) tried to disregard this EM Drive. But now NASA comes in and says it does work and it could be even more efficient than what has been tested so far.

An objective lesson in humility, for those willing to admit their hubris.

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"Project Ocean"'s final resting place? 25 million books, scanned and locked away in a database?

What do the guys over at +Ars Technica​, +Mashable​ and +WIRED​ think about this, I wonder?

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It's good to know that people took the message to heart, across the globe.

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Fuel-producing algae?!

Science is, indeed AWESOME!

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Violating local causality and so far, Reality hasn't returned a Blue Screen of Death meltdown. Go SCIENCE!

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This almost slid off completely under the radar for me, which is bad because I like reading Ben Kuchera's articles and viewpoints ever since I first glimpsed some of his work at Penny-Arcade Report (while it existed, anyway).

And I agree: you want to educate your audience to appreciate just how much work, blood and toil is put into making a game play right instead of, say, making every character model look absolutely stunning (which devs always can, but at the expense of system resources that could be directed elsewhere).

Thankfully, not all devs were smug during this Twitter daisy-chain, at least one genuinely felt uncomfortable enough with the situation to call it out, and one dev did backtrack on his previous statement to offer some manner of apology after being caught red-handed. So it's not all bad and there's hope, as always.

(Thanks, +Polygon​!)

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Cloud-based AI incorporated onto personal BCIs? I had arrived at the same idea a few years ago; granted, it was purely for entertainment reasons (running a RPG session/setting with genre-savvy sci-fi friends) but it did (and does) make a lot of sense given that bandwidth speeds, ubiquituous computing, mobility and flexibility are advancing by leapfrog almost everyday.

It does possess hints of Deus Ex too.

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"What Mass Effect: Andromeda presents isn’t about the proper way to intimate first contact; the subtext is far more insidious and unsettling. It presents a world that can only be saved by outsiders."

I think the piss-poor writing (can't really mince words here) is the worst offender in Mass Effect: Andromeda, much more than hilarious/tragic facial animations fiasco. It's not just that the story, the setting and the characters are completely bland and forgettable; it's because Andromeda eschews everything that Mass Effect was praised for.

For some reason, I think a disgruntled worker from the original Mass Effect game felt venomously envious of the success of the sequel and vowed to undo everything about it... so not only he/she waited until he could climb the ranks to be in a decision-making position, he did so intent on undoing or destroying everything his/her coworkers achieved. Out of spite.

That's the only thing that can explain Ryder's ridiculous "dance running". And the Mako Nomad.

Back to the writing, well... it's awful. You don't listen to your team's idle banter and interactions; you suffer through them. Liam Kosta is a grave offender here, specially in his Loyalty mission (and the fact that he has an omni-tool display popping up when he's shirtless doing press-ups; how does he do it? SCIENCE Magic!) but most all of the human crewmembers of your team (and the Andromeda Initiative as a whole). Some of the aliens too, the space elves Angarans included.

I know it sounds like hate-bashing, but when a developer like Bioware says that they're making a new game on a franchise/IP as good as Mass Effect was, they themselves know that they're going to be measured to high expectations. They probably could have gotten away with it if they had packaged this as a new IP, yet they deliberately chose to exploit the Mass Effect IP some more, with a work that feels extremely amateurish (both in its writing and its coding; the number of glitches in this game at launch was astronomical).

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It would be hilarious if it wasn't tragic. Understaffed and poorly-prepared stores to deal with the onslaught of a silly new drink with an until-now unheard-of overnight high demand?

You should've thought this through a lot more, #Starbucks.
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