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Many Changes and a New Coop!
Life has been fast and furious over the last year. We outgrew our home and purchased a larger one in the middle of last summer. The hens and coop went with it so this spring we bought a new batch of birds and I'm getting started on the new coop. I liked a l...

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Snowy Vancouver Goose Hunt
  This season has been usually dry and clear, making hunting difficult. When we had some snow move though I was excited to have some friends who were ready and willing to join me. We headed out and were please to see all the birds moving. The wind never pic...

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November Limit - A Juneau Duck Hunt
In early November we had a nice high tide coupled with a storm blowing through so a friend and I headed out to the flats and had a great hunt. When we reached our spot and started setting up, my buddy realized he was missing his wind duck so he headed back ...

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First Hunt of the 2013 Season - Father and Son Time!
My oldest son is still young but he begs me to tag along each duck season. For the past couple of years I've made a point to pick a dry d...

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Alaskan Insulated Chicken Coop Design and Construction
Alaska's weather is often extreme and this brings some extra challenges to designing and building a proper chicken coop. While Fairbanks ...
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