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Sweet! The field trip tomorrow is at PIXAR!!! Can't wait! #makercamp  
Maker Camp: Going out With a Bang!

Maker Camp, a six-week virtual summer camp for teens, wraps up tomorrow. It’s been a fun, wild, and, we hope, educational ride. The final week of Maker Camp focused on the theme Make: Believe with a look at makers who specialize in fantasy creation, whether it’s building huge costumes and sets, creating video games, sculpting monsters out of clay, or digital animation.Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 2.49.48 PM

Our last show starts at 11am PDT on Google+ and it promises to be a great one. We’re taking a field trip to the magic world of Pixar, makers of movies like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., WallE, Monster University, Cars, and Finding Nemo. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

We’ll take a tour of Pixar and conclude with a live Q&A with Pixar designers. The atrium, designed by Steve Jobs to foster creativity and collaboration among the staff, will also be a focal point of the field trip. Campers will be treated to popular characters from the award-winning animation studio.

But that’s not all.
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This will be our last official in-person meetup. I do hope to still schedule some informal gatherings at my home next week to try out the other stuff MAKE sent us! #makercamp  

You can also follow along each day with this free online camp for teens & tweens from Make Magazine & Google:

This week we will try a few projects. Our main project is "easy" mold-making. Details here:

I also have air-drying clay, 1lb per maker to sculpt whatever they like, and a paracord project. Please RSVP here or at so I can make sure to have enough supplies! I will send you location when you RSVP.

What to bring:

1. Since the mold-making needs such specific supplies (not things you can find around the house) I am requesting a $5 donation per maker this week to cover the cost of supplies. If this is a problem for you I can cover your costs.

2. Please bring a pack of paracord in any color you prefer. 550 is the best size (most stores carry 325 & 550 - 550 is slightly larger in diameter). I have some extra I will bring, too, but I won't have enough for everyone. You can find it for just a couple dollars a pack at JoAnn, Hobby Lobby & Michael's - maybe even Walmart & Target. I have the other accessories you'll need for the project.

3. Bring a SMALL item from which to make a mold. It should be something sturdy and hard. I am using a metal keychain fob I like that's about the size of a quarter. You could try a small lego dude/minifig, a small shell, a cool button or necklace pendant, etc. It should be an item where it wouldn't be the end of the world if it gets something stuck to it permanently. Don't bring grandma's wedding ring.

I don't know if we'll have enough material to do a separate mold for each maker, but they are reusable so we'll definitely pick a few interesting items and kids can cast as many objects as they want (the resin is cheaper than the mold-making silicone.) 

4. The clay dries off-white. If you have paint that will work on clay, which you are willing to share, please bring it. Water soluble is ideal :)

5. If you have small paint brushes you are willing to share, please bring them.
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Week 4: Campers played with photoreactive paper and Lumi Inkodyes using their own designs #makercamp  
Maker Camp Meetup 4: Art & Design
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Great ideas for the craftier members of our scouts! #makercamp  
It's a fun day of DIY fashion at #makercamp in our Art & Design week!  

We’re going on a making adventure with fashion cords and cables. What might look like just simple twine and cables can be made into incredible fashion accessories. We have 5 different versions of bracelets included in our project today. Take your friendship bracelets to the next level!

The materials you’ll need are:
- Paracord rope
- E-6000 glue
- Studs
- Wooden beads
- Keychain
- Clasps
- Cord ends
- Embroidery thread/floss
- Lighter
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Needle nose pliers

Check out the photo album below for instructions. And don’t forget to share some photos of your own creations on our Maker Camp Community page!

If you’re jazzed by fashion cords, you might want to do our advanced project too: silk-screening! Project instructions are here:

For our second Hangout this week, fashionable makers +Brit Morin ( and +Jesse Genet (with Lumi Ink at will be sharing their projects and skills with us. Brit will be showing us some ways to decorate and accessorize your cords and cables, and Jesse will be revealing techniques and secrets. And remember to show off your own silk-screened items on our G+ Community.

Get ready at 11am (Pacific) here on +Make’s Google+ page.
Rope Bracelets
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Who watched yesterday's Maker Camp hangout? It was really fun to see all the cool projects at the Google Geek Street Fair - like SpinBots, LED throwies, etc. Plus interview with the creators of SpinBots, and my fav: the giant spin art project! If you missed it, you can watch the archived video here:  #makercamp  
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One hour to Maker Camp Meetup Week 4: Art & design! We are printing with light today, using Lumi inks & photoreactive paper. So fun! Will post pics later. #makercamp  
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Great open lab today! Will post more photos when we have them, but meanwhile here are some of our boys experimenting with their materials after dinner, using what they learned to make cool light-up LED creations. Love the creativity!
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Will check this out when I get time!
Here's a low tech robotics project I'm making with teens this week at the Berne Public Library in upstate New York. It's a Solar Wobblebot made with all recycled materials like an old CD and a solar garden light. It comes from my book "Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future" from Nomad Press. There's a link to directions here: And you can find photos and videos of some of the other projects in the book at my website,
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Next week Maker Camp is all about Art + Design. So many fun projects on this list. This one I think we'll try at home. What are you looking forward to making next week? #makercamp  
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Google X Project Loon: Don't miss today's field trip all about how Google is bringing the internet to the world via balloons. #makercamp   #google  
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