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Open-source proponent Facebook wants more developers building more apps faster for both Android and iOS.

Most enterprises that have tried to build cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android without building entirely separate apps for each platform would describe the experience as lies, damned lies, and cross-platform.
Open-source proponent Facebook wants more developers building more apps faster for both Android and iOS.
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Sounds like a good business strategy. 
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Steven Max Patterson

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With an early start in wearables, Google adds Intel's silicon expertise and TAG Heuer's style in a partnership announced today a Baselworld.
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With limited app development resources available in the first Apple Watch release, it seems very likely that it will be upgraded within six to nine months to give developers better programming tools to build better apps, just like Google Glass was.

Apple is in new territory – it needs more complete resources for developers to build apps. The company isn't sure what a killer watch app looks like; in fact, no one is. That's why WatchKit is limited. In the next six to nine months, Apple needs to gain an understanding of what developers need to build a killer app, and add it to WatchKit.
With limited app development resources available, it seems very likely that the Apple Watch will be upgraded within the next six to nine months.
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Hi Folks - here-s what +Jinn Kim  has outlined for tonight's Study group meetup.

here is an outline of what i plan on talking about.

app can be killed anytime for resouces

activity lifecycle
onCreate -> created
onStart -> visible
onResume -> active

onPaused -> Paused
onStop -> Stopped
onDestroy > Destroyed

foreground and infoocus

active -> visible -> background

app roatation
onPause, onStop is where resources should be released
sensors, location, broadcast recievers, heavy CPU/GPU (games)

exit and quit dont' do anything

onCreate -> onRestoreInstanceState -> Active ->
onSaveInstanceState -> onpaause -> terminated

key value pairs of primatives
SQlite DB
DB helper
Junit asserts

+burc oral 
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Samsung hit its mark with its Galaxy S6 announcement at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona this week.The S6 looks like an iPhone 6 alternative that all but the most ardent Apple fanboy would have to consider when it's time for the next upgrade. 
The premium design of Samsung's new Galaxy S6 devices is good enough to keep Android defectors from switching to iOS. Whether it converts iOS users into Android users remains to be seen.
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Steven Max Patterson

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FCC sharply divided on party lines. Chairman Wheeler broke the tie.

Utility-like regulation was expected, and the vote in favor of regulation was also predicted. What was completely unexpected was Chairman Wheeler's strong conviction in favor of regulating net neutrality – so potently tied to free speech.
FCC sharply divided on party lines. Chairman Wheeler broke the tie.
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For the last two years, a Facebook buy button has been expected. The company did recently introduce Payments to Messenger, foreshadowing Facebook's evolving ecommerce capabilities. At F8, ecommerce became a development platform. The large community of Facebook developers, given open access to the Messenger platform, are more likely to produce a killer Facebook ecommerce app than the company is to do so on its own.
Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new mantra at the company's F8 developer conference, and the company appears to be living up to it.
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I was given a test ride in a Hyundai Sonata featuring Android Auto, and got a glimpse into the future of the in-car experience.

There's no question that this is the future of driving. The computer in the dashboard that runs the steering wheel controls and dashboard display will adapt to the driver's smartphone and preferences. A friend's car or a rental car will adapt and operate with an individual's smartphone in exactly the same way as the driver's own car.

Seeing the operation of either the Pioneer after-market head unit or the integrated Hyundai Sonata unit will make every smartphone-owning driver want one. This integration will become a differentiating factor that will determine the car that buyers choose to buy.
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Steven Max Patterson

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The highly anticipated Apple Watch event brought some unexpected announcements involving new products and partnerships for Apple.
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Steven Max Patterson

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With 23 days to go in its latest Kickstarter funding campaign, Pebble has raised over $15 million. Last year, Pebble shipped more smartwatches than Android Wear. This year, the company might ship more than Apple.
Over two years after breaking a Kickstarter funding record to get its smartwatch off the ground, Pebble returned to the crowdfunding site to fund its new watch, the Pebble Time.
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Steven Max Patterson

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Apple may have lost its lead in contactless payments yesterday when Samsung introduced its universally accepted Samsung Pay at Mobile World Congress. This may be somewhat surprising considering just last September Apple convinced the mobile industry that it had revolutionized credit and debit card payments with Apple Pay.
Samsung Pay does a few things that Apple Pay cannot. If Samsung were to license it to Android, it could take over the mobile payment market.
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Steven Max Patterson

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Apple is riding its iPhone 6 momentum, while Android dominates both market share and growth. Is there room for any other competitors in the smartphone OS market?
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Can anyone catch Apple and Google in the smartphone market?

Apple is riding its iPhone 6 momentum, while Android dominates both market share and growth. Is there room for any other competitors in the


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