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I went again to Triples this year, been a couple of times in the past. This year I decided to stay overnight on the Saturday night & make a bit of a weekend of it. 
I had a great time, good food, great pubs & beer. Weekend away "with the lads" etc. All good stuff. 
Had a great time at the show too, as I always do when at events like that. Love seeing the games, traders, buying new things. Even walked away this year having roped the lads into a whole new project. 4 of us bought into Ronin. (Small skirmish game set in 16th Century Japan) 

The thing I didn't like was the amount of whinging and moaning everywhere I went by traders and punters alike. 

From punters it was "not as good as last year, less traders, games aren't as good" 
To those people, Stop being miserable T**TS! 
The people putting those games on are giving up their free time to run those games, and every one of them looked awesome as far as I could see. They put a lot of time and effort into painting the figures and making the terrain, then people come to see it complain it's not very good. It's no wonder people aren't bothering to go to that effort anymore when that's the kind of response you get! 

For the most part the traders were alright, But I did hear a lot of complaining from them too, a lot of gossip as well, talk of law suits, people being sued, vendors' personal feelings about other vendors.
I know that for a lot of these traders, it can be a part time business, something to supplement their income from their main job, or, something to keep them occupied in retirement. But for others it is full time. Either way, it's my personal belief that when you're running a business, be it part time or full time, you should have at least a basic level of professionalism. Gossiping about fellow traders falls a long way short of that. Especially in front of customers who aren't into the "politics of wargaming" and are just there to have a good day out and spend some (hard earned) pennies on toy soldiers. 
In addition to this, some of the traders were complaining about there not being a lot of people at the show. Some traders however wouldn't have noticed if the place were on fire. Went to one stand (caliver books) where I stood in front of the till for 5 long minutes waiting to be served. No one seemed bothered by my wait. Even when a friend came over and asked "are you still waiting? Its not like theirs a que?!" did noone care, they were too busy standing gossiping just in front of the stand to care, I put the box of toy soldiers back and purchased them elsewhere. 
Another stand I visited (name already forgotten) were more occuppied by what was happening on their phone to notice me standing in front of them saying "excuse me, hello? hi! excuse me??" 
Retail is hard work. Serving customers is exhausting, being "on your feet" all day is tiring, and when there isn't a lot of trade that day it can be emotionally as well as physically exhausting, but the job isn't difficult. Tiring yes. Hard? no. 
Pay attention to your customers. You'll make money. Don't pay attention, they'll leave. 
The great thing about trade shows like this is that you're pretty much guaranteed that everyone who looks at your stall is a potential customer, they've even paid money to be there (£6), they've come with money in their pockets to buy toy soldiers, which means you've already won half the battle. Some of them know what they want and look round for a good deal, others (like me this weekend) are in the market for a new project and use the opportunity to see whats out there. 
The downside to trade shows is that if you upset your customers, then the likelihood is that there's someone else in the very same room they can buy it from, and if they offer a superior level of service, they'll be likely to return to that person in the future. 

I did have a good time though, and I did get some good craic from some of the traders. 
The guy next to the door to the bring and buy had some really nice sculpts. I spoke to him for a while. 
I spoke to Carl(?) and Gav Thorpe from Second thunder games, a great system, a nice demo table and genuinely nice guys to speak to about their open combat system. 
There was also a chap selling the marvel miniatures game and a few other pieces, who was very polite, he was from leeds and it was his first show as a trader (I'm at work, so don't have any of the business cards cards I collected over the course of the day with me! Otherwise I'd name these people!)
Good show, not the best I've been to. Would have been better if traders paid more attention & both traders and punters alike stopped with the whinging.


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Great video Ryan! love the paint job!

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Wayne Enterprises truck trailer for the Batman Miniatues game
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making a vain attempt to catalogue what I have to paint. Hopefully writing it all down will humiliate me into actually painting some of it... 

Most shameful part is the list is nowhere near complete!!

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The next thing I would like 4ground to produce is.. some 28mm scale gothic type buildings that I can use for the Batman miniatures game! 

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Love this series! especially the joker and harley! 
Tribute series to the covers of the "Saturday Evening Post" featuring #DC heroes & villains by Ruiz Burgos!  See them all here:
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My Finished Justice department gang for the Warlord Games/Mongoose Publishing Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. 

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So true! Love this.

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Chris Sutherland commented on a video on YouTube.
Thank you for this! This will save me a heck of a lot of time in the future! Clear and easy to understand tutorial too. 
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