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Update on the Cabinet mod/PC
The pic shows the latest plan. The MATX mobo in a half of a case I found at work (probably going to take the near end off). Top middle is the PSU, Top right is the out-take fan and bottom middle is the Corsaid Hydro cooler radiator which will have fans attached as intake fans.
I haven't decided exactly what to do with the drives yet, but I can start to put this in as soon as I have the tools.

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Got to love presents in the post!

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Nice one FSM!

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This is the trailer for my show on +Geek and Sundry, Tabletop!

Think "Celebrity Poker" meets "Dinner for Five" and you're ready to experience a new kind of web show that pairs notable celebs with must-play tabletop games. Hosted by actor, co-creator and fan favorite Wil Wheaton.

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Ok everyone. I know this is 30 minutes long, but watch it.
Then when you've watched it, I expect everyone I know to get involved. Everyone.
If you know me, you know I don't like chain posts/emails, but this is different. It is so much more than that.
Watch the video. Share the video with EVERYONE you know. Get an action kit. Join me on April 20th.

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TV Cabinet cooling. Xbox and PC mod

Ok, so for the new house we required a TV cabinet. I don't like cheap stuff, so we shelled out about £300 on this (first picture)

It's a lovely bit of furniture. It arrived whilst I was at work and once I got in, I spent time patiently putting on the door handles and patiently arranging all the equipment that was going on and in it.
I decided that all I wanted on top was the TV and my two speakers.
In the middle, on the top shelf, would go the amplifier. On the bottom shelf I could put the Wii and the Xbox.
With careful thinking I hooked everything up and made it all neat and nice.

Then came a problem. I played the xbox for a bit and it kept crashing. Now my Xbox is made from the dead carcasses of three old ones, so the odd crash is not uncommon, but these were happening very frequently.
As I approaced the cabinet I noticed the noise coming from the Xbox. Feeling around the back, the problem was clear. The console was kicking out heat and it had nowhere to go. In fact, any air that escaped, did so by trying to get out the front of the unit and was sucked back in by the xbox intakes.

Bad times.

So after much thought, I have decided to mod the unit.

As a temporary fix I have taken a 120mm PC case fan and spliced it into a USB lead. This has been mounted in the cabinet over the cable routing hole and the USB cable plugs into the front of the Xbox. I also have a smaller fan hooked up to the other USB port, pulling cold air into the intake.

I plan to put fans on the back of the unit with their own exhaust holes and also house a pc in the right hand cupboard, mounted (hopefully) directly into the unit.

Pictures and plans to follow.

Comments and sugggestions are very welcome.

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Pancake day
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I think I may actually explode in a big ball of stress

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Christmas just got more awesome!

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