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Iron Man :D

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:)   The real friend 

Post has attachment   this is my community  
hop  in teenagers !!!!!!

ok so here's a chance for you people to be the moderator of this community so the 12 people who will post more will get this chance to represent themselves so the due date is ...  7 th of december ,2013 on saturday i will give the results but i may increase the moderators if you guys keep posting !!!  good luck win this contest !!!!
if you people want to  increase the due date you can tell me till tomorrow or  day after tomorrow !!!!  good luck i'm waiting for my moderators !!!!!

keep posting !!!!!   dumbo facebook !!!!    23 members go go go i need more !!!!!!!    yay !!! thanks for your posts guys please do more !!!!!

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niall's story :P 
This gif it just leaves me speechless.............
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Ariana Grande  !!!!! 
Who's the better singer?

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