So the +Birmingham Mail could put the effort in to crop my picture, but not to type an attribution line, or to send me an email asking for permission for use of my photograph on their website? Very much annoyed! I don't mind people using my images - else I wouldn't post them under a #creativecommons  license, but I DO expect them to give proper attribution in return.  Especially if they are a newspaper's picture desk, and the attribution information is listed in the exif data. And even more especially if I dragged a wide-angle lens up a damn mountain in the middle of nowhere after spending an hour and a half carsick in an ancient bus.

My photo:
Birmingham Mail article:

So err.. do I send them an invoice? Or what?

(I believe they grabbed the image from wikipedia where it is the 'lead image'. However, also there, the license is clearly mentioned. . So that's not an excuse. Picture desks should learn that wikipedia does not necessarily equals public domain.) 
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