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Dan Burton
Haskeller, Computer Scientist, Pianist, and Gay Ex-Mormon
Haskeller, Computer Scientist, Pianist, and Gay Ex-Mormon

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Reflections on the 2016 election
As a gay man, I feel vulnerable due to the new presidency, house, and senate. If the media is to be believed, then Pence is going to push hard for repealing LGBT rights. Some of my Latino friends feel vulnerable due to Trump's rhetoric on immigration and th...

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The new Mormon policy of exclusion
The LDS (Mormon) church recently published a new policy regarding individuals in same-sex relationships and their children. Given the church's involvement in opposing same-sex marriage over the past few decades, it should come as no surprise to anyone that ...

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"Love the doubter, hate the doubt"
I'd like to address a religious topic today regarding doubt. On several occasions, I've seen some variant of the following question posed towards a Mormon audience: "I don't quite believe everything the church teaches. I have doubts about some fundamental c...

I'm doing a small #Haskell class on #Yesod fundamentals at #BayHac today. Slides online: 

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I'm giving a talk on Yesod at BayHac this year.

Hey FP Complete, I'm teaching an introductory class on Yesod at BayHac 2014 next month, and I'd like to have everyone in the class (with a laptop handy) follow along using the FP Complete IDE, community edition. I'm not sure how many will be there, I think 40 is a reasonable estimate. Will the community edition IDE be responsive if an additional 40 people are simultaneously editing, compiling, running, and viewing their own version of a simple Yesod web app? Is this a load spike on the free edition infrastructure that would require additional resources?

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Reason first
I vaguely recall once being instructed on how one could teach a certain religious concept. It involves a visual demonstration, consisting of something like a narrow tube or container, a small wooden figurine of Jesus, and various other small items. The pupi...

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My perspective on God, if there is a God.

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The way angular momentum works is so counterintuitive, it never fails to fascinate.
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