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Early Access is available for our Windows PC Client! We would love for you to try it out and let us know your feedback!
You're invited to the early access of our Windows PC Client!

The client helps customers download, sync and organize their digital libraries.
You can download the client here:

This is the starting version of the client. Your feedback on bugs, interface improvements, feature suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to use the feedback form on that page.

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Going to Gen Con? Want to meet some of the crew? We will be hosting three different panels throughout the weekend and we would love to see you!

SEM1698010: DriveThruRPG and Community Created Content
Learn about the Community Created Content Programs, such as Dungeon Masters Guild, hosted by DriveThruRPG.

SEM1698013: DriveThruRPG Q&A: Give Us Your Thoughts
Fan or customer of DriveThru? Publisher? Either way, come on out and meet the staff face to face, so you can give us your questions, comments, concerns, & suggestions.

SEM1698012: How to Be a Successful Publisher on DriveThru
Learn how to become a DriveThruRPG publisher, and get tips and advice from DriveThru staff & some of our most successful publishers.

To find out locations and times, please visit the GenCon Scheduling Website with our listings here:

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If you're one of our awesome publishers and headed to Origins, +Scott Holden  and I would love to see you! Reach out to me at and let's coordinate :)

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Offensive Content Policy
At DriveThruRPG, we see a huge variety of content published and sold on our marketplaces. Something not broadly known to visitors on DriveThru is that we entrust most publishers to upload their new releases and activate them for sale without anyone at Drive...

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"Game publishers are frequently shocked at the high quality that short-run digital printing can achieve these days. The reason the quality gap between short-run, digital printing and high-volume printing has closed (assuming you're printing with the right digital printing equipment) is that the actual print process used is not all that different."

Excellent article from +Steve Wieck on Digital Printing Quality for Playing Cards. Definitely check it out!
Digital Printing Quality for Playing Cards
Game publishers are frequently shocked at the high quality that short-run digital printing can achieve these days. The reason the quality gap between short-run, digital printing and high-volume printing has closed (assuming you're printing with the right di...

You guys are super great! Thank you for being so wonderful and creative! :)

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This is going to enhance so many games and bring forward so many creative ideas!

The new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator and Errata Decks are live Drivethrucards!

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Dear Publishers,

We elected to ban a title from our marketplaces. Of the tens of thousands of titles that we carry, and after operating for 13 years, we have never before banned a title (other than for legal reasons). I hope those numbers make it clear this is not an action we have undertaken lightly, nor is it one we will undertake frequently, if ever again. Nonetheless, as this is the first time we’ve decided to ban a title, I thought a letter of explanation was in order.

The title in question is a card game whose theme is the Gamergate issue. The game attempted to present the issue in a satirical manner.

Normally, satirical works would be welcome on our marketplaces. However, we feel that there are situations where satire is inappropriate. For example, we do not think that a game released today that satirizes police killings of minorities in the USA would be appropriate. Regardless of how one feels about an issue like that, we feel that it is too current, too emotionally charged on both sides, and too related to real-world violence or death to make it an appropriate matter for satire.

Similarly, no matter how one feels about Gamergate, it is likewise too current, too emotionally frought, and too related to violence to be an appropriate subject for satire. Additionally, we considered that the violent element of the Gamergate issue has a basis in misogyny. For these reasons, we felt that this card game title was not welcome for sale on our site.

Note too that this is a card game, not a roleplaying game. Some may feel that if we were to ban an RPG from our marketplaces, that action would levy a significant economic penalty on that title since we have a long reach in the overall RPG market. This is not true of card games, where OneBookShelf is currently a tiny corner of the card game market. Our not carrying a card game should have minimal impact on that card game’s economic viability.

While we also considered the customer complaints on both sides of this issue (we are a business, after all, and we cannot ignore customer complaints and survive), these were not a major factor in our decision. Not surprisingly, given the gaming fanbase, many of the complaints we received were intelligently written and provided us with additional, thoughtful perspectives on the issue. Unfortunately, most customers were not in a position to review the content of the title itself and were therefore forced to be “judging a book by its cover” only.

Some publishers also complained about this title, and a few publishers let us know they would not be interested in continuing to work with us if we carried it on our store. We will not allow any publisher to dictate content policy onto any other publisher, explicitly or implicitly. If any publisher ever decides to discontinue business with us because our content policy errs to the side of being too open, rather than restrictive, then we will respect their decision to leave our marketplaces and wish them well. To be clear, no publishers’ comments had any bearing on our decision to discontinue selling this title.

Having now banned a title for the first time, we asked ourselves if we needed to establish any explicit policy for banning of future titles for reasons other than legality or production quality. Given that this is the first time such a thing has happened in 13 years, and given the difficulty of defining policies of this nature, we elected not to invest the time in creating a policy that would probably end up a poor guideline anyway. Our time is better spent getting back to retailing your titles to fans.

We carry a lot of titles on our marketplaces that some or all of the members of the OneBookShelf staff find morally distasteful (and we’re generally a pretty open-minded lot), but we find anything that smacks of censorship even more distasteful. We will continue to have a content policy that is more open than will give many of our publishers and customers comfort.

Steve Wieck

I am thankful for all our wonderful publishers! You guys are fantastic! :) Thank you for putting in your creativity, hard work, energy, and time. I love looking at all your awesome products! I hope your holiday is wonderful!
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