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HAHAHA i love those comments.. " could someone update this app, v1.23 is out " and "someone reup pleasae ... both sources have been removed"

*good that u showed up and stop this lol.. people need to learn how to support a dev!!
Yeah. I wonder how these two will react once they know that I am watching them.

I am glad the original hacker that removed the license check understood that I rely on these funds raised by the app sales to get new devices for my kernel development. And that distributing cracked versions of my app thus not only hurt me, but the the Android community as a whole.
Sadly my app is cracked somewhere too. Best thing we can do is push updates as fast as we can, at least we're always ahead of those bloody crackers and people will just buy the app to be up to date. 2€ is a coffee I don't know whats the problem in paying that for an app.
+Francisco Franco If you implemented a license check I can only highly recommend to customize the LVL library. That stock version Google offers is such a bad joke and was cracked on the day of release. It can be cracked without even the slightest bit of effort. There are even scripts out there that do it automatically for you - so every hacker-wannabe script kiddy can do it on a button click.
As I know nothing of that business where can I get that LVL library?
Btw doing it properly with a customized LVL is a lot of work. You can expect spending several hours on that. And that is only for the most basic protections against automated scripts and newbie hackers.

An experienced hacker will always find a way to circumvent your protections because stupid Java apps are so easy to disassemble.
I'm gonna take a look at it. What I found stupid is not having our own apps automatically added to our apps list, so we actually have to buy our own app...makes no sense unless I'm overseeing something too obvious.
You cannot buy your own app.

But you can setup a pre-defined server reponse for your dev account and a number of other accounts. So if you use one of these accounts on your device you can allow yourself to use your own app. :)
Always learning. Any specific place to set that up or I have to hard code it into my app?
In your developer console under the profile settings. There you can also find your key you need to hardcode into the app. It is all explained very nicely in these links I gave you.
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