So this might be a delicate question, but how many people are using Heroquest 2 to run your Glorantha games? I ask because while Ive owned Heroquest for a while I can't seem to get my head around the system, its hard to sell players on it because I don't grok it. Having just purchased Hillfolk Im starting to think its just my confusion at the way Robin Laws writes.

AdditionallyThe Sartar books and Pavis are great reads, but I guess Im finding it difficult to create a character who isn't a Sartarite based on the info presented. Someone like an Ethilrist or Malkoni Man at arms for example.  I kind of wish the HQ core book had been written specifically for Glorantha with a lot more play examples and setting info. Sort of like if Blood over Gold was used as a tutorial setting with all the HQ rules included as a core book. 

So I guess I want some suggestions, and I'm open to a lot right now. Maybe suggestions on how to start using HQ, or other systems that can be used with very little fiddling. Maybe ways that I can explain HQ to a player in a short enough amount of time that they wont get completely bored and walk away. Or maybe I should just give up on HQ and go with RQII or FATE. 

My ultimate goal is to work up a good campaign when the Guide comes out... though Im almost afraid that the Guide will give me too much to work with. 

Anyhow I know this is a long post, and everyones going to have their own opinion about what to do. So I'm going to try and sit back and hopefully you guys will have a ton of great ideas. 

Thanks- Jeff C.
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