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Well fuck there goes my class on arctic oil spill response.

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Saw this comment on IO9 and rather than promote it, I thought Id respond to it t here to get it out of my system.

"Rogue One is the 3rd best Star Wars movie and the best thing they’ve made outside the original trilogy. TFA did what it had to do in setting the table so you forgot the terrible prequels and actually wanted to see more Star Wars. The Last Jedi made you hate Star Wars and hate that you bought back into this. It was like a gigantic middle finger to the entire Star Wars canon. I think critics and some fans think that’s edgy. It’s not. It strip mined the series of all it had left and left IX with nothing left to do and no characters you really care about besides maybe Kylo or Rey"

Lets start with gigantic middle finger to star wars canon.

Yeah those ancient Jedi texts ... page turners they were not. Explicitly fuck canon. The SW and Indiana Jones franchises are based on trash movies... not cinematically trash ( dam busters, Kurasawa, etc) but the trash low budget flash gordon serials. Continuity and canon in serials meant that the good guys wore white and the bad guys wore black.. thats fucking it. We have 9 fucking SW movies now including Rogue 1 and it'd take a doctoral thesis to mesh up all the Canon in a believable way. Add in the EU, and canon novels and the starlog articles, and the other shit and well... you couldn't make it jibe if you tried.

You played your hand though because I see it barely hidden in your subtext... it strip mined the series and left nothing to do and no characters you really care about... except the 2 young white ones.

Fuck you. Hating the black storm trooper or the latino pilot is so Force awakens... hating Rose the passionate intelligent asian woman with a huge stake to be in the resistance... yeah I don't see it. But since I know my theater wasn't an exception I'll let you know your actually just wrong. Ive never been in a theater so emotionally charged, full of screaming and hooting and hollering and moments of total shock and I saw the opening screening of serenity with a couple hundred hardcore firefly fans.

Fuck you also if you cant see where this is headed. The resistance will be rebuilt, it will recruit, and it will need to square off against the bad guys. Its going to be more epic than ever because in this one they got their asses kicked so bad. Seriously your going to bite your neighbors nails after your done biting your own off. Rey and Kylo are going to kill each other. Really bad. Ray may even have trained her own jedi fighters. Its almost crazy you cant see the set up. The next movie will be all charge of the Rohirrim shit.

Edgy? Dude its called telling a story, and it seems to have sat pretty well with the audience.

I was reading about how in my hometown some little nazi boy murdered the parents of his girlfriend before Christmas because they talked to his principle about his nazi shit on the internet. He then turned the gun on himself.

Fuck Nazi's

Not saying his name cause he doesn't need the publicity, and also because his Girlfriend is being doxxed on the internet because of it.

Folks she lost her mom dad and boyfriend in a day. Leave her the fuck alone.

So one of the most bittersweet moments in The Last Jedi for me was the heroic sacrifice of Cobalt squadron against the first order dreadnought. It reminded me of the Douglas TBD-1 Devastator torpedo bombers who attacked the Japanese during Midway. A needless sacrifice that still did some amazing good. That it came in the first 20 minutes just cemented how good this movie was for me. We went from triumph to jesus this is gonna be a ride. ...

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Tomb of Annihilation a few months in... SPOILERS if you care about that shit

I love the setting, I really do, but there are some challenges with the campaign that I would have changed if I was going to do it again.

First of all the Death Curse.

As a plot device for Chult it really sucks because the timeline it imposes on the setting actively discourages exploration and discovery. Sydra has a shelf life of 79 days and the fastest route to OMU is half of that... and thats if they find in... it is a lost city.

It does put pressure on the PC's of course, and that in general is good, but it discourges them from taking side trips, exploring the setting and mostly makes it hard for me to link adventures.

And adventures, I really like that some of them are a barely sketched out as they are however I wouldn't have minded a few touch stone adventures to represent certain levels like a solid early level adventures in Port Nyazaru and chult. I say this because the fleshed out adventures are for the most part really tough. Tough isn't bad but when they aren't obstacles that stop the journey the players tend to want to bail.

And they really really don't want to be too low a level when they get to Omu.

Finally walking and paddling are a bit of a BS logistical chore now too...Im tempted to drop my now 4th Level PC's at OMU tonight.... mostly to move things along too mostly because the wilderness trekking is getting boring for me, and I suspect the PC's

Anyone have any thoughts on how to punch it up.

I’m sad that I cancelled about 10 Patreon subs today.

Now why.

Many of my subs were to creators who I signed up for at a dollar a post. Many do about 3 or 4 a month and that was no big deal especially when it got aggregated. 30 bucks a month was within my price range. But after the new policy goes into effect it may be almost 55 bucks. And frankly with a price hike like that taking my money and leaving patreon to make a point to them makes more sense than deciding who I should cut.

Reason 2...
Fees bite... I get it... but you know what bites more... have me get hit with 30 individual charges for 1.39 ...

The creators patrons want this shit to be simple... overwhelmingly they want you to figure out how much of a cut everyone gets after the fees are collected as long as the creator is still getting a fair share and they were. Virtually no one I know who uses Patreon says oh damn I only got 85% of what people pledged... because they don’t want to worry about it and because they can structure their pledge levels to fit their needs. All this kills is the person who wants to add a dollar to someone they support because it’s what they can afford. And let’s face it For every 100 dollar pledge there are probably 1000 dollar pledges. You just lost those. The creators lost those and that was real unhypothetical money. Even if they only kept 600 of it and gave you 200 it’s still more than that random 100 dollar pledge. And it will affect every lower Tier.

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I revised my alternate Iruvian playbooks for Blades in the Dark:

Special thanks to Matthew Vincett for lots of good feedback.
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