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For those of you who are asking whether Papyros will support Google Play, or Android app x, or Android apps in general, here's what the general consensus is:

Android is about as close to PapyrOS as ChromeOS is, the kernel and coreutils are pretty much the only similarities, and even those are heavily patched for whatever device you're using. ChromeOS is getting the entire Android app ecosystem simply because they made a container technology to store the app AND the backend needed. PapyrOS doesn't have anything like that, just because Papyros uses the material guidelines does NOT automatically make it similar enough to android to run it's apps, the material guidelines are simply for UI look, feel, and interactivity, nothing more, nothing less.

Mods, feel free to take that bit and add it to the pinned post or pin this post as well (if the latter is possible), the multitude of people asking the same question that's been asked for months is getting old, I saw enough of that over at Elementary OS's community about their Loki release.
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Here is hoping that Google will open source their Android-in-a-Box solution, so that other Linux distros can use it too!
Wonder if it's possible for someone to get/make a linux version of the chromeOS android containers.
Really glad someone made this post. I'm seriously really tired of people who don't understand anything about how technology works trying to get involved in beta, alpha, or in-development projects without learning anything first, I'm no genius myself, but guys, come on, let the devs do their work without suggesting a million and one impossible things and asking questions that make no sense.
+Christen Edmundson exactly the reason I made this post, seeing roughly the same post at best every couple days (but usually every few hours) got really old really quick.
+Cristofer Praz just don't expect Google Apps to work like they do on ChromeOS, this is a very different beast from ChromeOS (Hell, ChromeOS even uses a different base, Gentoo)
+Cristofer Praz​ chromeOS is a linux distro; It's built on Gentoo, I would like to see a Google made desktop OS that runs native software though.
+Cristofer Praz honestly I disagree. I don't know how long it has been since you used chrome OS, but it's far from being an online only operating system. The vast majority of things that you would do offline on a native software OS can just as easily be done offline on chrome OS, ESPECIALLY now that Android apps run on desktop chromeOS. You're right to say that you and I aren't the target audience, given chromeOS is mainly targeted at budget users who aren't content creators or gamers, but that doesn't make it a bad OS, and I would love to see Google make a native software desktop OS too, but that doesn't mean I act like a toddler and throw a fit about the existence of chromeOS. Also, try using an os for a month before trying to talk about its usability. You'll sound a lot more credible. 
Remix OS is the best solution for those who want complete android eco system on their PCs. 
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