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About fucking time...

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Eh, why not

If I wanted to, could I manually configure my system's kernel and package it for myself? Not that I'll likely do that, rather just curious

So, is it still the case that Facebook Messenger still doesn't work with Telepathy? 

So anyone here play Star Trek Online? I think Chris said he did a few weeks back, but knowing my memory, that may not be true. Reason I ask is I'd like to create a fleet of Linux users. (in that game, guilds are called fleets)

For those of you who are asking whether Papyros will support Google Play, or Android app x, or Android apps in general, here's what the general consensus is:

Android is about as close to PapyrOS as ChromeOS is, the kernel and coreutils are pretty much the only similarities, and even those are heavily patched for whatever device you're using. ChromeOS is getting the entire Android app ecosystem simply because they made a container technology to store the app AND the backend needed. PapyrOS doesn't have anything like that, just because Papyros uses the material guidelines does NOT automatically make it similar enough to android to run it's apps, the material guidelines are simply for UI look, feel, and interactivity, nothing more, nothing less.

Mods, feel free to take that bit and add it to the pinned post or pin this post as well (if the latter is possible), the multitude of people asking the same question that's been asked for months is getting old, I saw enough of that over at Elementary OS's community about their Loki release.

For those asking if Freya can be upgraded to Loki when Loki is released, I wouldn't count on it being done with anything short of a clean install.

Ubuntu's upgrade manage will at best not work and at worst break the entire system since it disables ALL ppas (including the needed ones.

The take home message is don't count on not having to do a clean install of Loki.

Decided to see how Arnoldthebats special builds run on my $600 2-in-1 laptop (which most builds wouldn't pick up wifi and can't be set up without that), and man, it works nicely! turns out wifi was the ONLY issue, touchpad AND touchscreen work without hitch. anyone else tried turning a semi-expensive or really expensive laptop into a bit of a tinkerer's Chromebook? it's nice. granted you nowadays have to pull the pepper flash plugin from the Chome deb that matches the version of chromium os running, and Widevine is just about out of the question without additional patches added to the build.

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Eh, this is interesting, but tbh, if I don't win I'll prolly buy the theme down the road.
Here is the nice little surprise i mentioned in my previous post!

I'm giving away 40 promo code! (edit, since i wasn't expecting so many reshares, i will increase the promo codes to 80!
10 for each theme (Flux, Flux White - Liv, Liv Dark)

More details about those themes here:
Flux White:
Liv Dark:

What you can do to win a free promo code?
Just share this post with your circles/communities aaand that's it!

The giveaway ends in 4 days on 01/29/2016. After that, i'm gonna lock this post and on 01/30/2016 i'm gonna announce the winners!

The random number generator website is gonna be used for picking the winners!

*Share share share!*
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This might be obvious, but asking anyway. I take it proproetary drivers like Catalyst or nvidia won't work in the shell? Either way my laptop should run this nicely (in theory, it's an Intel based machine GPU and all) 
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