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this is a bit different. Only half the page for content, the rest is bumpf

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If you have a moment, please take a look at my video entry for this competition...and if you like it, please add your comment to the blog post :-)

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I love this. Brilliant collaboration between Dulux and Unicef

(via @katiemoffat)

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Still one of the best creative pitches I've ever seen, from Mad Men, Updated for Timeline from Facebook. Works on its own,even better if you know the series and the timeline points being referred to

Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline

Wondering if this works for an embed

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In spite of the way it's portrayed (Lynx/Axe in Australia, focusing on 15 year old boys) this video actually gives a very good description of various rugby terms. I like how they can take stuff that could be quite boring and be absolutely ruthlessly focused on brand values

LYNX - Rules to Rugby

oh dear. Games. lots of lovely games, Yes, I do have to play them, it's all research for work!

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I'm trying to write a blog post about social-object graphs but I keep getting distracted finding new datasets to generate graphs from.

The SXSW2012 panel picker just opened and every proposal has a set of tags on it. To find out what clusters of things 2012 will care about, I generated the tag co-occurrence graph and did some analysis and layout in Gephi.

In-depth zoomable version:

EDIT: This visualisation was made with Gephi with the Seadragon Ajax export. I obtained the data with a bit of ruby screenscraping code that outputs a GDF file (graph format supported by Gephi). This is the resulting data file, in case anyone wants to load it up in Gephi themselves:

More thoughts here:

Wondering how Quora is being used amongst the people here? Looking at it, I've answered 30 questions over the time. But not about my professional passion - social media - but about another passion, F1. There's so many 'social media experts' on there, I rarely have anything that can be usefully added, or at least added by the time I get there

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Here's a whole bunch of photos from the German GP, including stuff from Paddock Club and Pit Lane
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