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Beer and Food
My second book, Beer and Food , is out now! The title hints at what it’s about, but let me tell
you a bit more… My goal was to make a book about the topic of putting beer
and food together, but I didn’t want it to just be lists of things which taste
good. I...
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The BrewBurger
The bastards beat me to it. I had this plan, you see, to try and make the most beery
burger the world had ever seen. A cheeky little tie-in to plug my new book –
Beer and Food, coming soon! Pre-order it now! – that would challenge me to use
as much beer as ...
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10 Beer Chocolate Truffle Recipes
Easter means chocolate. It also means a long weekend of beering
(that’s what it means for me, anyway). It’s also a good chance to bring beer
and chocolate together and make truffles. The good thing for this recipe is
that once you know the basic way of maki...
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Mark Dredge

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My Golden Pints 2013
These get harder every year. Mostly because my memory is
getting worse thanks to all the beer, but still… Best UK Cask Beer:   Oakham Citra My drinking has shifted in the last year or two and I now
drink way more keg beer than cask beer. One of the best cas...
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