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The kegs have been emptied, the cash has been counted and
the Charity Beer Night raised £3,700 for Evelina Children’s Hospital ! Thanks so much to everyone who came along, thanks to all the
breweries who supported the night with beer, thanks to Grill My Che...

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Charity Beer Night: The Beer List
With a week to go before the charity beer event ( tickets here ),
which I’m arranging to make money for Evelina Children’s Hospital as part of my London Marathon fundraising , it’s time to reveal the beer list. All of these have been donated by the brewerie...

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Charity Beer Night - 8 April
This year I’m running the
London Marathon and raising money for   Evelina Children's Hospital . In March 2013, my week-old nephew Lucas was rushed
to Evelina where he spent a week in intensive care. The hospital saved his life
and now I’m raising money to s...

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Blumenau Oktoberfest: Bavarian Cheer In South Brazil
It was at the exact moment that thousands of people dressed
in lederhosen and dirndl started singing a German drinking song in thick Portuguese
accents that I had to step back and really think about what was going on. There I was, in the sultry south of Bra...

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Cooking with Beer: Beer Pizza
I spent last
summer in the kitchen cooking with beer for my next book, the unambiguously
titled Cooking with Beer . The first copies came back from the printers last
week and that inspired me to cook a favourite recipe from it. This beer pizza
puts black la...

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The Unsessionability of Session IPA
In 2013, sales
of Session IPA grew 450% in the US,
helping it jump from non-existent to a core range beer within two years. And
because the US is where many brewers look for the latest beer trends, we’re
seeing Session IPA brewed all around the world. But t...

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Thoughts for British Beer in 2016
A decade ago, an Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman walked
into a pub... One said ‘I’ll have a bitter’, another said ‘I’ll have a stout,’
the other said ‘I’ll have a lager’. Those were the three default choices you
knew would be on tap, and while some drinke...

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The Best Beers of My Travels in 2015
In my Golden Pints I struggled to pick out one
favourite non-British draft beer. So, like I did in 2014, I’m picking out a few
of the beers I enjoyed most from my travels this year (a few of which were drunk during the research of The Best Beer in the World...

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Golden Pints 2015
Best UK Cask Beer: St Austell Big Job At GBBF, surrounded by 700 other beers, I just wanted
glass after glass of Big Job. I find it difficult to pick any runner-ups as my
drinking has become almost exclusively kegged beer (mostly because of where I
drink ra...

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Camden Town Brewery and AB InBev
This one was the biggest surprise. Shock, even. Shit , I said aloud at my desk. Wow . Fuck .
Meantime was expected. Lagunitas was unexpected. Ballast Point was unprecedented
(one billion dollars…). Firestone
Walker was interesting. There have been others, t...
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