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Dan Perlberger
Developer of Music Player (Remix), Quick Post, and GeoStrings
Developer of Music Player (Remix), Quick Post, and GeoStrings

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I developed this app so I could load the Facebook app with the "Most Recent" feed. If you use the Android Facebook app, check it out.

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Version 1.5.2 has been released and should be available for download soon.  It contains the awesomely fun in-app YouTube video viewing feature plus several other enhancements and bug fixes.  I've attached some screenshots (from a phone and tablet) of the new inline YouTube player.  You can also view the videos fullscreen in landscape orientation.

The app is on sale for $1.50 until Wednesday 4/23.  The price will then be raised to $3.99, so if you're interested in grabbing the app now is the time!

Here's the complete changelog:

- (New Feature) Select 'Play YouTube video' on the Now Playing screen (or in the '...' menu next to a song) to play the YouTube video within the app.  You can also tap on other video results and the next time you choose to 'Play YouTube video', it will play the last selected video.  The video will go fullscreen when switching to landscape orientation.

- (Enhancement) On the Help screen, add FAQs for which audio formats are supported and reasons why songs may not be showing up in the app.  Also when no music is found on the device, add an option to the popup to display additional info concerning why the songs may not be showing up.

- (Enhancement) While in playlist multi-add mode, if a Fave is tapped do not close the left-side sliding panel.  This will allow you to quickly add multiple Faves to the playlist.

- (Enhancement) When downloading album art for a song, do not embed the album art into all songs in the album if the album name is undefined or if the album contains more than 25 songs (which could indicate that the songs in the album are being grouped together because the album name was undefined).

- (Enhancement) Add a Close button to the Song wiki popup.  The back button will still close this popup.

- (Bug Fix) If you displayed the mini-player and immediately viewed Faves or Playlists, the background would be overly transparent (too difficult to read).
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Version 1.5.0 of Music Player (Remix) has been released! This is a huge release I've been working on for awhile. It has a ton of great stuff in it (see the complete list below), but the biggest feature is Chromecast support! You can now cast any of your local music files to your TV. Your song/album/artist info is displayed on the TV, along with the album art and the current progress in the song. You can control the Chromecast in the app, through the notification controls, lockscreen controls, and even the advanced mini-player (swipe up from the bottom of the screen in any app).

In celebration of the version 1.5.0 release, the app is on sale for $1.50 (regular price $4.99) - limited time only! Be sure to check out the fully-functional free trial version ( which has been reset for all users.

Here's the complete changelog:

- (New Feature) Add Chromecast support (requires Google Play Services on your device...basically any device with the Google Play store).

- (New Feature) Add 'View Wiki' option for songs available on the Now Playing screen as well as in the '...' menu next to songs. This is replacing the 'Find remixes on YouTube' option.

- (New Feature) Add the ability to share an image from another app to set the Music Player (Remix) wallpaper. This will work with any app, like many wallpaper apps, that have a share function.

- (Enhancement) Make it easier, especially on tablets, to close the sliding panels. Just tap anywhere outside of the panel to close it.

- (Enhancement) Improve the visual appeal of the sliding panels. The panels will be displayed with a toned-down hue based upon the selected menu color.

- (Enhancement) When in playlist multi-add mode, tapping a song/album/artist on the Faves list will add that item to the playlist.

- (Enhancement) On Android 4.4+ when tag editing or file deletion fails, display an error indicating it's not possible to edit files outside of the app's directory on SD cards in Android 4.4+ due to a restriction imposed by Google in Android 4.4.

- (Enhancement) On Gingerbread devices, the volume control slider bar was not displayed using the Holo style.

- (Bug Fix) If a music file had corrupted tags, the app was unable to edit tags, save lyrics, or save album art to the music file.

- (Bug Fix) On devices with less system memory, updating tag data in a large music file could have resulted in the app crashing.

- (Bug Fix) On devices running KitKat, the scrollbar on the Now Playing and music library browsing screens were displayed too far to the left.

- (Bug Fix) Improve the way the mini-player is sized, especially on tablets.

- (Bug Fix) On devices with high screen resolutions, switching from portrait to landscape multiple times would sometimes result in the app crashing or the wallpaper not displaying.

- (Bug Fix) On certain tablets in landscape mode, the upper row of shortcuts (above the album art) would be too tiny.

- (Bug Fix) If you switched tracks from the same album on the mini-player, the track info wouldn't update.

- (Bug Fix) For headphones with a single button, double-clicking the button skipped to the next track, but also incorrectly toggled the pause/play state.

I'm having an issue when trying to seek via RemoteMediaPlayer on an audio stream.  I can play and pause just fine; however when I try the seek command nothing happens.  It just keeps playing from the same position in the audio file as if nothing happened.

I set up a ResultCallback on the seek command and verified that isSuccess() is true and getStatusCode() is 0.  My RemoteMediaPlayer.onStatusUpdated event shows that the player goes into the buffering state and back to the playing state.  But the position in the track never actually changes. 

Any idea what may be happening or what I can do to troubleshoot this issue?

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Version 1.2.0 of Music Player (Remix) has been released with a bunch of new features and a fun Easter Egg.  Here's the complete changelog:

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Version 1.1.0 of Music Player (Remix) is now available in the Play Store ( and Amazon app store (

It's a big release with several new features including an equalizer, customizable widgets, and a secret Easter Egg (hint is in the changelog below). It also includes a bunch of important bug fixes.

Here's the complete changelog:

- (New Feature) 5-band graphic equalizer with presets, bass boost, and virtualizer.

- (New Feature) Add the ability to customize the color and opacity of the home screen widgets. To do so, open up the right-side sliding panel and tap the aesthetic options button, then select "Customize Widgets".

- (New Feature) Easter Egg #1 has been added (Hint: Let loose and shake things up while you sing along to your favorite songs).

- (Bug Fix) If certain popups were displayed while switching device orientation, the app would crash.

- (Bug Fix) Eliminate app crashes that may have occurred rarely when loading a browsing list.

- (Bug Fix) Eliminate app crashes and unexpected pausing related to Android media player issues on certain Jellybean devices (NOTE: To fix this issue gapless playback has been removed for the time being).

- (Bug Fix) Karaoke recording would not work on the Samsung Galaxy S3 running Jellybean.

- (Bug Fix) Going to the next track would lock up the app under certain conditions.

- (Bug Fix) App would sometimes crash when re-ordering songs in the mini-player.

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Music Player (Remix) is now available in the Amazon app store for all you Kindle Fire owners out there (or any Android device if you use that app store).  Check it out here:

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Here's the demo video for Music Player (Remix) on Android.

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For those who haven't heard yet, I've released Music Player (Remix) in the Google Play Store.  Check it out here:

Also you can grab the 14-day free, fully-functional trial version here:
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