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My writing group has a new blog! We'll be talking writing, reading, and...whatever else seems like a good idea at the time.

Check it out now--when we're famous, you can say you were there from the beginning.

Loving my magnetic white board for outlining this book. But I could have made a bigger one. I'm going to run out of space before filling in the two "lots of stuff happens" gaps.

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This is interesting: Subscribe to the NY Times (digital) for a year, get a free Nook.

(Yes, you do end up paying more for the Nook than just getting the Nook, but if you wanted the paper anyway...)

Switched the iPod that I was running with and it cut over a minute off my pace. Should have tried that before my last race.

(Will be recalibrating on Monday's run.)

You know what I really really hate? Besides shellfish?

When I spend my lunch hour revising a story, and the changes don't get saved.

It's usually user error, but seriously, who at DataViz decided that when you close a modified file, the "save" and "save as" buttons should be unobtrusive gray and the "don't save changes" button should be bright red and at the top of the list? Why is "discard all my hard work" the preferred option?

Von Rothbart didn't like Prince Siegfried because the prince made fun of his swoopy cape. Odette had nothing to do with it.

That was a bad thought to have during the Rothbart/Siegfried fight scene at the end of Swan Lake. Rather ruined the dramatic effect.

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Nice day for a run.

Apparently Barnes & Noble is the place to be on Sunday afternoon. I was going to sit and write for an hour, but the place was packed.

At least I escaped without buying a jigsaw puzzle.

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There must be muscles that are used only for ice skating. Today was my first time on the ice in at least a year and a half, and ow ow ow.

And boy, am I wobbly. Doing yoga only helps with the balance so much.
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