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Glassing The Ribs
Riding the momentum of getting the ribs installed, I was able to start glassing over them as well.  I'm just shy of half way through this phase at the moment.  Many nights were spent while falling asleep trying to figure out how best to wrap the cloth smoot...

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Ribs Are In!
I made some great progress over the last week with installing 10242's new ribs.  I rough-cut them to a template made from the original ribs, but discovered that there was some variation in their match to the boat's profile.  With a bit of custom sanding on ...

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New Ribs Fabricated
After a way-too-long sabbatical from Lightning work, I finally finished fabricating new ribs for Anyela.  They are made from 5/4 western red cedar planed down slightly to match the original boards. After removing the failed fiberglass laminate, I traced the...

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Where You Been, Man?
So yes, I dropped off the face of the Earth for a bit.  When we purchased #10242 I sailed a 1977 CS27 called Ravat which I'd just completed a 3 year refit project on.  The boat was essentially done, and required very little time other than, well, sailing!  ...

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Photos from our recent trip into Middle Settlement Lake where we stayed two nights, then hiked out via the loop to Upper Branch Lake.
ADK - Middle Settlement Lake
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Thanksgiving hike with the whole family to enjoy this beautiful day.
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She's in the water! One down, one to go...

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Transom Delamination Repair
I was just beginning to think that I may be able to get the interior primed this Fall when I discovered yet another project.  The outer skin on the transom has de-laminated from the core due to water ingress.  My suspicion is that winter freeze - thaw cycle...

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The Bow is Back
I know I said I wasn't going to do this, but...  I changed my mind... After speaking with a friend about the bow, he guilted...  I mean, talked.. me into making a better long term decision.  While I really didn't want to do this project, I know it's the rig...
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