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Deanna Roy
Author of Baby Dust and Dust Bunnies: Secret Agents
Author of Baby Dust and Dust Bunnies: Secret Agents

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Poor neglected Google + account!

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Hmmm. This MMA fighter story is free on Google Play!

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Honored and excited to make this list!

I started my girls on Firefly a couple months ago and they got to meet everyone who was at Dallas Comic Con. We watched the last episode last night and they were so upset it was over. (We'll watch Serenity this weekend as a surprise -- not sure if I should warn them about Wash.)

However, my astute teenager was watching the "Making of" and said -- "Joss knows they are making the movie and the cast doesn't." We watched the interviews carefully, and one of the producers said -- We're hoping to make the feature, and then have them come back and want more Firefly series.

I was thinking about this later. Obviously that didn't happen. But it does bring up an interesting issue -- if they hoped for that, then why kill off a character? That seemed like giving them the finger, to me.

I assume this has been discussed before? Does anyone know?

Off to discuss Firefly with renewed vigor after showing the girls the entire season. It's the show that never dies.

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I have a cover for the new book! It comes out Jan. 10.

First football season with a high school daughter comes to an end. There really is nothing like a Friday night at a stadium to take you back if you grew up in Texas.

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Book trailer for my new book Forever Innocent. It's only been out 48 hours and already I'm feeling incredibly blessed with the attention it has gotten.

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Bloggers, you can sign up for the review tour for my upcoming book Forever Innocent (new adult contemporary romance) and get an ARC to read before it comes out.

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Amazing thriller from Gaylon Greer! His stuff is crazy good and his bad guys are crazy bad.
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