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Moving to wordpress
Hi all, I am migrating to wordpress...using blogger was an experiment and I think I prefer wordpress. More from me soon! :) (on wordpress)

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Hiring Testers - How to hire for your own current job role
St Michel's Mount - 2015 I have previously blogged about my experiences of hiring testers , as a newbie to hiring. Here are thoughts from a webinar  and my advice from being on the side of the person recruiting . Building a team was one thing and a very rew...

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MeetUp: Brigh#TestActually - Games night - 15th July
A shameless plug again! This month Brigh#TestActually is doing a social games night! We are at the following address from 7pm on July 15th: Earth and Stars 46 Windsor Street, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex BN1 1RJ There is a bit of money behind the bar that...

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Thoughts: Should Testers be able to code? - CodeBar Review
Excercise from the TestLab at Eurostar 2014 Should Testers be able to code? Funnily enough this topic was just reinvigorated since I started to write this a few days ago. There is an interesting and in depth article here from Simon Knight and also an intere...

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SpeakEasy: Thoughts: 3 things that bug me about “Agile Testing”
Sculpture made out of electronic waste at Eden project 2015 I re-started my speakeasy journey this month and in my conversation with Mark he just asked me to speak for 3 minutes on a topic. This was also part of re-living a bit of my fear of getting somethi...

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Event Review: Brighton tester meet up - BDD Requirements
The tester meet up was a huge success! Thanks to our sponsored Rakuten Attribution and their great offices and Crunch Ltd for sponsoring the food and drink! Also it would not have been so engaging and worthwhile without our great speaker Alan Parkinson. Tha...

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BrightTest Take 2 - BDD: Testing Requirements
Brighton Eye Shameless brief plug about the next Brighton tester meet up. This time all about BDD with a presentation by Alan Parkinson (and I think a game!). Venue is provded by Rakuten Attribution and food and drinks by Crunch Accounting. Hopefully see yo...

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Follow Up: Testing Strategies in a microservice Architecture
Me starting the walk along the Causeway While pondering the future of how we will be developing and therefore testing we did a lot of research. I shared my first post about this the other day here . I have since had a chat with Amy whose talk on testing in ...

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TestBash 2015 summary
The first time I went to TestBash was in 2013 after discovering that testing is a great job and can give you a career, and has an amazing community around it. On a random side note, at 7am I got hit by bird poo for the first time in 10 years! I knew then th...

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Thoughts: Testing Strategies in a microservice Architecture - takeaways and reflections
"The Causeway" This is post based on some research we did about hypothetically moving to a micro service architecture/soa.  This first post is a reflection on an article by Martin Fowler . My personal problem with these testing approaches to a micro service...
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