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Company loan car's just arrived. It's in need of a wash and hoover. Delivery man said a director 'borrowed' it last night.

For those interested it's a BMW 1 series, 2.0 Diesel, 5 door and it's black. Off to read what all the dials and buttons are for now. Check back later.

The commissioning engineer thinks this shop has put a jinx on him. Two days in a row after the all clear something has gone wrong. He never panics though and has fixed the problem in enough time for us to restock.

As per usual the BlackBerry app is 'coming soon'. No surprise there. :-(

Although I have only done a 10hr shift it feels more like 18hrs. I am so tired. Good night to who ever reads this. If anyone . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What this needs is more participants. I think once it goes public it could be a real rival for FaceBook. Some good ideas and very easy navigation.

First post in Google+. Had a look round looks to have potential. Will check some more later. Right now I need sleep. G'nite (OK I know to most it's morning but I just finished a night shift lol )
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