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Rebecca Juro
Host of The Rebecca Juro Show. Contributor to The Bilerico Project and The Huffington Post
Host of The Rebecca Juro Show. Contributor to The Bilerico Project and The Huffington Post

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Driving For Discounts
Today I was bored and needed to get cigarettes, so I decided to do a little exploring. This time, though, I went a little further afield than just my immediate neighborhood. I wasn't in the mood to go walking in 35 degree weather. I knew that taxes on cigar...

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Bad Coffee
I'm not doing well right now. Not well at all. I've come to the conclusion that working at Starbucks is just not for me. This is a job for young people, those who can work at top speed for several hours at all hours of the day and do lots of running, bendin...

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What's Old Is New Again
So today was my first day of training at Starbucks. Mostly it was sitting in front of a laptop watching videos and learning about the company's culture and values. Pretty easy stuff, especially since they mesh so well with my own values as well as my idea o...

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Officially Official
So today I went into Starbucks, filled out my paperwork, and got my first scheduled hours for training, Thursday and Friday 10-1. Next week, I'll have a much fuller schedule. I'm told I can have as many hours as I can handle, which is a very good thing, and...

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The Call Comes...
...and I got the job! Next Monday, I go in to fill out paperwork and then at some point soon after that, I'll start. Now I guess I can tell you. I'm gonna be a barista. Yeah Starbucks, and a pretty busy one too. When I was there at about 3pm yesterday there...

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Job Interview Update
So I had my interview today, and I think it went really well. It's for a position at a small place in Center City. The manager who interviewed me is pretty new to the company and is in the process of trying to put together a good team to run this store. Tha...

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Clearing Hurdles
On Monday, I'll get to do something which until now I haven't been able to successfully manage since I moved here: I have a job interview. An actual, face-to-face, come-on-down-and-meet-the-boss, opportunity to score myself some work. It's part-time at a lo...

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Here We Go Again...
Yeah, I know it's been a while since I posted here, but I was just in the mood so here goes... I just found out that I'm going to have to move again soon. Apparently, my landlord thinks she can do better on rent by adding a few appliances and jacking up the...

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Why It's Good To Be A Woman
So today I had to go back to the same T-Mobile store in Center City I was at yesterday. Last night I tried to download a game on my phone and in the middle of the download the thing just froze dead. The little lights were blinking but I couldn't get it to s...

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Walking Center City
Yeah, I know, it's been a while since I posted here, almost two months in fact. Why? I really don't know. Maybe it's just laziness, maybe it's because I haven't done much worth writing about, or maybe I just haven't been in the mood. Whatever. Today has bee...
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