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Michel Bertrand
Web Optimization Architect. Also an avid road cyclist, sailor and skier.
Web Optimization Architect. Also an avid road cyclist, sailor and skier.

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Is anyone experiencing problems with sub-domains referring traffic to each other, even though Automatic Cookie Domain Configuration is properly set up?

I'm experiencing this on one of my web properties since around the 8-9 of May.

One domain is named with the format:
The other domain is named with format:
So everything is going to the same tLD.

GA Universal tag is injected through GTM, using cookie domain "auto".

I'm trying different things locally on my machine, and even using the standard analytics.js code, I'm experiencing the same issue.

Anyone else? Is Google having issues on the back-end, or did something change in the way sub-domain tracking works?

Having problems using macronos with Google Play Music.
This used to work.

Refreshed my phone and re-installed macronos recently, and now when I try to play music from Google Play, it says in the notification shade "DEVICE_NOT_AUTHORIZED", while at the same time, on the Sonos windows controller is displayed in a popup: "Unable to play 'xyz song' - the track is not encoded properly".

When I configured my Google Play account in the macronos settings, it didn't popup any permission window - not sure if that's because it was previously authorized.


I'm getting this message on my Nexus 4 in the notification area:
"Unable to start Dial device"... and my macro that starts my Sonos when connecting to WiFi doesn't work anymore. Anything I can do to fix this?

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When brilliant ideas translate into simple things.

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Loved that last description... :)
Good morning! An ejected underwear moment from discussions with Conan last night. Astronaut Chris Hadfield Ejected Dirty Underwear Into Space.

PS - Conan is tall in person!

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couldn't find a community for Google Tag Manager, so thought I would ask this here.

I'm trying to insert AdGear tags through Tag Manager. There is no template for this in TM yet, so I'm going with a Custom HTML Tag, but it doesn't seem to work.

The standard AdGear insert uses 2 javascripts, which must be executed synchronously, which is not supported by TM. 
The other way uses iframes, but I can't seem to make this work either.

Has anyone successfully done this? If so: HELP!   :)

(I have also posted this in the TM Forum with code samples:!category-topic/tag-manager/working-with-google-tag-manager/M1E3lVoQOKs)

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"The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character."

A beer ad with meaning? That's different.

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For those of you who live beautiful apps, this alarm clock looks great and synchronizes between your different devices; I'm trying it out right now...

I'm also interested to see if the viral approach they are using to get access to more features works well. Basically everyone gets a referral code, and every time this code gets used by a new user of the app, you get 2 points, and the new user also gets points (enough for a new theme). 20 points unlocks all premium features. Interesting approach.

This is my code: KFV8-RYZS-F0UQ
To unlock, you go to Settings, and at the bottom there's an option to enter the Referral Code. Just above is where you get your own code - under Share Application.

I've been using the doubleTwist alarm for months now (, so it will be interesting to see if this one gets me to switch with its psychedelic colours :)

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One of nature's predators at its best!
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