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Thank You, Government
Foundation and public
charity leaders want government to be a good partner to their efforts, but
fail to question if they’ve been a good partner to government. An important tactic to creating positive social change is to
participate in advocacy. Government—...

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Fixing a Problem of Foundation Payout
The topic of private, non-operating foundations’ payout has not been popular as of late. This is not surprising as we are still in the aftermath of one of the worst financial crises to hit the U.S. Arguably, however, this topic shouldn’t be tied to how well...

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What’s Wrong with a Standard of ‘Excellence’ in Grantmaking?
The role of the nonprofit sector is to address the kinds of problems that haven’t been able to resolved in the consumer-driven marketplace. This concept has been well described by economists such as Hansmann (1981) who called this contract failure to imply ...

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A New Level of Principled Foundation Grantmaking
For those foundation leaders who want their decision making to be insulated from public scrutiny, this is a moment of growing anxiety. There are signs that foundations will need to do more to demonstrate their public good value. For foundations in Californi...

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Futurist Scenario Exercise
Besides being interested in the nonprofit sector, I have also been interested in new ways of delivering education and how these disruptors are changing pedagogy. One way that these two interests have intersected is that I am volunteering to be a "test pilot...

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When Is the Nonprofit Sector Big Enough?
--> I had the
opportunity to read two opinion papers back-to-back that presented very different
views of private philanthropy. The implications of their ideas raise big-picture
questions about the purpose of the nonprofit sector. In her article “ Plutocrats...

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