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Philip Tan
Creative Director, MIT Game Lab
Creative Director, MIT Game Lab

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Philip Tan hung out with 4 people.Erick Passos, hhh, Adnan Munawar, and Sharon Wang

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CMS class of 2013 thesis presentations, live now
Rodrigo Davies is hanging out with 5 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairSasha Costanza-Chock, Julie Fischer, J. Nathan Matias, William Uricchio, and Nancy Schiller

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Free public beta! Go go Fire Hose!

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I love Strand Books, so I feel awful that this idea popped in my head while watching the Google Glass concept video.

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My Game Design class is up on OpenCourseware! Listen to my terrible terrible lectures.

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Passing along a tenure-track opening at the National University of Singapore.
We are hiring!

At NUS in Singapore, we have an opening at the Associate Prof level for a tenure track position in the area of HCI and interactive digital media design. Full details at

Please re-share this if you think people you know might be interested.

So far, Google+ is really good for:
- Aggregating high-res profile pictures
- Discussing features of Google+

Why are "Posts" and "Buzz" separate? Is there any reason why Buzz and Twitter updates don't show up in the Stream? I may be completely misunderstanding the point of Stream, but I thought it was supposed to be the central aggregator of new information.

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Philip Tan changed his profile photo.
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