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“A baby Werewolf will probably move around a lot more than a human baby.”
  (Small Fry
Chapter 2) My mate looked on
unimpressed, “Mr. Baker?” “It’s my latest name in the
academic circuit.”  I shrugged it off. He asked grumpily, “And how
old are you for this latest trip around fantasyland?” “In my early forties.” I
answered.  “So ...

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“A human doctor isn’t going to know jack about how Werewolves do blood transfusions,”
  (Small Fry
Chapter 2) Declan continued, “From
January onwards, I don’t want her doing more than one lecture a month.  Then from June, she’s not going to do any for
at least six months.” “Excuse me?!”  I exhorted in surprise.  “Maternity leave, B.”  He gla...

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My face flushed when two of my past identities were read out.
  (Small Fry
Chapter 2) “You’ve been invited to a
lunch at Cambridge University on 1st February next year."  Aneet continued.  "In attendance, will be several speakers
on Ancient History in the Mediterranean.”  “Ancient History in the Mediterranean ?” I ech...

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“They met to talk about the tribe’s first female Lokoti Werewolf, who was also a Circulator.”
  (Small Fry Chapter 1)             “Man,
I feel like an idiot.”  He shook his head
at himself.             “Why?”
I looked on closely.             “We
could have done this ages ago!”  He
sounded annoyed with himself.  “Just imagine
what it could have been ...

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“Our baby will be the world’s first half Lokoti and half European Werewolf.”
  (Small Fry Chapter 1)                         We
exchanged surprised glances before we departed the room to find our medical
practitioner, his scanner and his ‘medicine bundle,’ were gone.             “Oh.”
I said taken aback. “I guess he thought the emer...

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“I've been trained not to think of myself as a father.”
  (Small Fry Chapter 1)             Declan
grinned like an idiot – a tearful idiot – but an idiot nonetheless.             “Since
you said ‘daughters’ and not ‘daughter’, it means I’m let out of the doghouse
sometime.” He tried to joke.             “Lucky

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“This child will be part Lokoti Werewolf too
  “This child will be part
Lokoti Werewolf too.”  (Small Fry
Chapter 1)             “Tell
me again you don’t have a bad feeling about this?” He rasped out, as if he were
having difficulty breathing.  “Tell me
how you’re gonna live through this?”            ...

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Is this why he’s so afraid of creating anymore European Werewolves, even as children?
  (Small Fry Chapter 1)             “Why
are you so adamant that you want a girl?” 
I wondered aloud.             “Because
they’re not as strong as males!"  He
flared.  "Female European Werewolves
aren’t as strong as males, just as female Lokoti Werewolves ...

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“B…you’re pregnant.”
  (Excerpt of
Small Fry Chapter 1)                                                             3 rd November 2363             We
sat at the dining table in a tense manner, nursing our coffees.  Declan sat on one side as I sat on the
other.  Our legs jiggled...

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“I don’t see how marrying me off to somebody is going to stop me craving human flesh.”
  (‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 5) Just then I jumped from the
sound of footsteps behind!  I turned my
head sharply, to see Grant easily leap up the steep rocks.  He casually came and sat beside, to also look
out at the view. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to
startle you...
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