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Tristan Ewins
Grassroots Labor Activist, PhD graduate and Freelance Writer
Grassroots Labor Activist, PhD graduate and Freelance Writer

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More Letters from a Labor Activist : Dec 2016 – Jan 2017
What follows are another series of letters I have written to the ‘Herald-Sun’
and ‘The Age’during the December 2016 to January 2017 period.    None were published.   But I hope it sparks some thought and some
debate amongst readers here at ALP Socialist Lef...

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Letters from a Labor Activist ; November/December 2016
above:  Humanity does not Live by Bread Alone ; What about Democracy and Political Literacy in our Educational Curricula? Letters to 'The Age' and 'The Herald-Sun' from a Labor Activist (November/December 2016) ; Everything from ‘Public Debt Shibboleths’ to...

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Remembering Fidel Castro

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Remembering Fidel
Mourning the Death of Fidel Castro and Remembering Readers are encouraged to discuss Castro's legacy, and what happens in Cuba now Tristan Ewins News today of the passing away of former Cuban Marxist revolutionary and President Fidel Castro.   Fidel rose to...

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What the Trump Victory means about 'Political Correctness', 'Anti-Political Correctness' and the American Working Class
above: An Exhausted Hillary Clinton after the Shock Donald Trump Presidential Victory 'Political Correctness' is a common bogey deployed by the Right in order to wedge the Left ; But here 'Anti-Political-Correctness' is the much bigger problem when viewed i...

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Trump Economic Policy not 'Business as Usual' for Neo-Liberalism - But Clinton offers real change for the Working Poor
above:  The Economic Policy Contest between Clinton and Trump is more interesting than a first glance may suggest Dr Tristan Ewins This week I begin my blog post with a correction.  In an earlier article I described Donald
Trump as ‘a neo-liberal’.  Based o...

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My latest letters to Australian newspapers - most not published before now.

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Freedom and Mutual Respect: Progressive Letters for October 2016
above:  The Herald-Sun commonly questions the right to protest , but doesn't question its own assumptions re: the availability of work , or the right to refuse exploitative employment The following are a series of progressive letters sent to 'The Age', 'The...

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An Australian Response to Tony Blair: ‘Convergence Politics is not the Answer’
above:  Tony Blair urges Bill Shorten to 'Return to the Centre' By Tristan Ewins The ‘Weekend Australian’
(8/10/16) quotes former Labour British PM, Tony Blair as urging Bill Shorten to
tack “back to the centre”. Typically, Blair holds that the occupation o...

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US Presidential Debate illustrates the Policy Divide between Trump and Clinton
Dr Tristan Ewins This week’s US Presidential Debate was interesting in a number of ways.   The economic debate in particular was of concern to this observer.   In summary, it was framed with the opposition of Trump’s traditional neo-liberal emphasis on ‘tri...
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