I'm not one for musicals, I'm not one for soundtracks, but we went to see Lazarus before Xmas & the whole experience is still resonating with us. Ran into some other people who'd seen it on holiday & it became the main topic of conversation.

If you're not aware, ostensibly the show is about what happens to Thomas Newton, the character from the Man Who Fell To Earth film, played by David Bowie, after the events of that film.

In fact, it's a collaboration between Bowie & playwright Enda Walsh which is as much Bowie (once again) manipulating his legacy in his final 18 months, in a very knowing and stunning way. It dovetails neatly with the Blackstar album, but also sees Bowie "dealing" with one of his characters, in the same way he killed off Major Tom in the Blackstar video. Looking at the soundtrack listing, you might think all is rosy, ending with the anthemic "Heroes". However, until you see the show all I can say that this is far from the case; no rock star has ever deliberately subverted their most iconic work so spectacularly.

Michael C Hall (best know for "Dexter") plays the lead, and never leaves the stage through the running time. He sings some difficult songs remarkably well, with a fresh spin on some classics. The show itself isn't perfect or easy watching (it's a bit like being stabbed in the face with a knife for two hours) but the audience sat in stunned silence for almost a minute before going crazy at the end when you realise what Bowie has done.

"Mama Mia" or "We Will Rock You" this ain't, but if you have any passing interest in Bowie or rock music elevated to an art form, I urge you to see it if you can.

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