Still Life in KitKat!

For the past 3 weeks I've been using my Samsung K Zoom, bought on release in June 2014, but languishing in a box since May 2015. It's been running KitKat 4.4.2 with no major OS updates from Samsung, just a few patches. But do you know what? There's not one thing I cannot run on it that I've been running on my Lollipop Honor 8 for the past 6 months.

Even recent apps like Revolut, that you'd have thought would have required later OS versions, actually run fine, even without the fingerprint sensor. In fact, there aren't any show stoppers that would keep me from using this as my "daily driver" again. Yes, it's a tiny bit sluggish in app switching & multitasking, but doesn't really effect day to day usage. The limited 8Gb internal storage is a minor nuisance, but a lot of apps can be moved to SD card & so this hardware limitation surprisingly hasn't turned out to be a problem. Updates to Gmail, Photos etc. all use material design & so the phone doesn't even look & feel particularly old.

In fact the only major downer is that Bluetooth connection isn't the most reliable - occasional clicks & drop-outs that I just haven't been getting on more recent phones. I guess it's an older & less reliable version of Bluetooth.

I'm going to keep this phone ticking over; I've bought some new batteries (with free external wall charger for the batteries - nice). It's still got the USP of the 10x optical zoom & is 100% usable in 2017. I've got the S8+ to fiddle with now, so the K Zoom is going back to it's box, but I'll check back in a years time & see if there are any show stoppers then.

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