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Bao An introduce about Salanganes Nest origin and nutrients of the bird nest

Bao An Trading Services and Invest Co., Ltd.
Corporate headquarters: 45 Su Hy Nhan str, Vinh Hoa ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa pro. Viet Nam
Phone: (+84)58 540045 Fax: (+84)58 540046
HCMC Branch Unified 51B, F.11, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City
Branch 1: 98A/5Tran Phu str. Loc Tho ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa pro. Viet Nam
Birds is rare birds nest, they live in herds in many countries in Southeast Asia.
Bird nest is very smart birds, they live in pairs faithful. Twice a year they nest and lay three litters. Females and males take turns nesting within 30 days, and the female lays two eggs. Every morning from about 5am, flew out of the nest to feed, to about 17h-18h birds will fly the nest. We flew for about 12 to 14 hours not think (bird park on the organization).
Each day we flew about 200 km, the main food of the birds nest are insects in the air such as: Flies, ants, termites, Ray Brown, Ray Green ....

Living the life cycle of a bird nest for about 8 years. Bird nest can hear ultrasound and nest somewhere, we never go elsewhere. Each nest weighs about 7 grams to 10 grams.

Currently, the Bird's nest soup is commonly used because it is very complementary foods for health and cure many diseases.
 The composition of nutrients contained in bird nests and their effects:
Protein (50-60%), high protein, but the amount of fat (lipid) is very low (~ 0%).

Amino acids:

+ Glycine (1.99%) is good for the skin.

+ Valine (4.12%) healed muscle cells and formation of new cells.

+ Leucine (4.56%) to adjust the amount of sugar in the blood.

+ Isoleucine (2.04%) recovery of health.

+ Threonine (2.69%) is good for the liver activity, strengthen the immune system and promote the body to absorb nutrients.

+ Methionine (0.46%) support the fight against arthritis, good for muscles.

+ Proline (5.27%) and aspartic acid (4.69%) growth and recovery of tissues, muscles, and skin cells.

+ Phenylalanine (4.50%) by the brain and improve memory.

+ Histidine (2.09%) helps the body to develop muscle and associated tissues.

+ Lysine (1.75%) increased ability to absorb calcium and keep bones strong, anti-aging spine.

+ Tyrosine (3.58%) Quick recovery work when the body is contaminated or damaged red blood cells.

+ Cysteine ​​(0.49%) improve memory, nerve impulse conduction, increase the absorption of vitamin D from sunlight.

+ Tryptophan (0.7%) to prevent cancer.

+ Other amino acids: alanine (1.4%), serine (1.87%), glutamic acid (3.6%).

Carbohydrates (20-30%):

+ Fucose (0.7%) and galactose (16.9%) impact on brain development and cell communication.

+ N-acetylglucosamine (5.3%) to help restore joint cartilage which in the case of osteoarthritis.

+ N-acetylgalactosamine (7.3%) related to the function of synapses, the connections between nerve cells, and if the deficiency can cause serious impact on memory.

+ N-acetylneuraminic acid (sialic acid) (8.6%) recovered quickly when the body is contaminated or damaged red blood cells, enhance immunity,, repelling bacteria, viruses.

The essential mineral for the body: Fe (27.9%), calcium

+ Cu (5.87%), Zn (1.88%), bromine, manganese: good for the nerves and memory.

+ Chromium: digestion.

+ Selenium: anti-aging, anti-radiation.


Add: 45 Su Hy Nhan St, Vinh Hoa ward, Nha Trang city , Khanh Hoa province, Viet Nam
Tel: (84) 58 3540045 Fax: (84) 58 3540046
Website: Hotline: 09 03 07 09 68

To: Customers

Firstly BAO AN TRADING SERVICES AND INVEST CO., LTD sincerely send greetings and thank deeply to our customers as well as the interest and cooperation of customers in recent years and wish you health, peace and prosperity cavity.
Dear Customers!
More developed society, life is improved, people more and more interested in improving the quality of life. In addition to enhancing the quality of daily meals, food and pharmaceuticals rare nest ... increasingly being used in every household as a pharmacist - high food nutritional supplement, enhance health and beauty.

Bird's nest soup is a precious resource, a high-end foods have more nutrients and is one of the special dishes Eight-treasure of the ancient kings.

Today are aware of the needs and potential, Security we will assist our customers to satisfy their needs and always assured of quality products.
Typical products of our Security as: Blood oats, Red Nest, Nest Gold, Bach Yen ... rough, cleaning, purifying great fiber shapes, ... standardized and rigorous compliance procedures in food safety from the stage of mining to finished products, to bring high nutritious value bird nests to customers, improve the commercial value swallow's nests, navigate to dominate the domestic and international markets.

With the motto "Improving The Quality Of Life", Bao'an we endeavor to bring the Bird's nest soup products with best quality, fastest delivery time and good value with customers.

Best regards!

Vietnamese Salanganes'Nest prices highest in the world

(Saigon Times Online) - According to information at the workshop "bird nest Development of Vietnam by Malaysia's experience", 1 kg of oats in Vietnam ranges from 2000-2500 dollars, twice with oats Malaysia pole, but still do not have enough to sell, especially in the Hong Kong market.

Seminar Southern Institute of Science and Technology, Economic Science Association Salanganes'Nest Vietnam Joint Stock Company International export bird nest jointly held in Ho Chi Minh City on 30-9.

According to scientists at the Southern Institute of Science and Technology, one of the reasons price Salanganes'Nest Vietnam superior bird nest farming countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia is Salanganes'Nest Vietnam higher quality: white nests, larger, each kilometers g oats just 90 teams, while in Malaysia 110 - 120 new groups 1 kilometers g oats. This is so because in Vietnam food source for birds nest plentiful, diverse climate suitable for this species.

Good quality but Salanganes'Nest output of Vietnam only about 10 tons / year, equivalent to 10% compared to other countries in the region. Specifically, the output of Indonesia's bird nest at about 100 tons / year, Malaysia and Thailand in the range of 60 to 70 tons / year.

According to "official bird nest farming scheme at Gio" the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ho Chi Minh City, take birds nest farming activities have been tested in Can Gio, has 5/6 home nesting birds nest on the rate of 83%.

There Gio 101 bird house, of which 75 units have lured the bird. Most of the oat breeding in Can Gio were illegally built, as planned, people and enterprises permit to build houses then moved to the birds nest.
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