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Rewarding students for learning achievements both in and out of the classroom.
Rewarding students for learning achievements both in and out of the classroom.

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"Happy Cinco de Mayo" from behind the scenes of our 3M Penguins of the African Coast exhibit!

Some of our guests are celebrating with a Penguin Animal Encounter! Check out all of the different education/animal encounter programs on our website -

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Lost city is lost no more

It was called Thonis by ancient Egyptians, and Heracleion by ancient Greeks. An important port city to both cultures, it was mentioned in history books, but for centuries its whereabouts have been unknown - until now. The team of French marine archaeologist Dr. Frank Goddio recently discovered numerous ruins four miles off the Egyptian coast: Here's a picture of a massive statue being raised from the ocean floor.

- Read about it on the +Weather Channel:

- What's marine archaeology? +BBC America has more:

(Photo: Christoph Gerigk)

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Students, rich and poor alike, deserve high quality learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom.  
NOT SURPRISING: Students growing up in richer families have better grades and higher standardized test scores, on average, than poorer students; they also have higher rates of participation in extracurricular activities and school leadership positions, higher graduation rates and higher rates of college enrollment and completion.

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The Hajj is one of the most fascinating religious events.  Do you know the history behind the Hajj? Is someone you know travelling to Mecca this year? 
Help us tell the story of the Hajj. Do you have a gift or a souvenir brought back from pilgrimage?
Tell us about it, and may add it to our Hajj exhibition. For more details visit -  
Hajj object - 
Ka'aba Key
Steel, silver
Arabia, Hejaz

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Got any good Koala names laying around? 
Help Us Name Our Koala Joey!

Koala Cam viewers have been watching the our new joey for weeks, and now she has emerged from the pouch and is starting to explore the exhibit. What should we name her? 

Click on the link below to see a list of name you can vote on to help us name her:

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Take a trip to +Zoo Atlanta!
We love our Zoo Volunteers, and not just during National Volunteer Week! We're proud to earn the helping hands of the finest volunteer force in Atlanta -- hands-down!
Volunteer Week 2013
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A well written history of testing in America starting in 1845

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9 days until the submission deadline for Google Science Fair 2013!

. 9 is a square number (3x3).
. The atomic number of fluorine is 9.
. The atomic mass of beryllium is approximately 9.
. A 9-sided polygon is known as an enneagon or a nonagon.
. Any group with 9 members is known as an ennead.
. A 9-year wedding anniversary is known as a willow or a pottery anniversary.
. The game of baseball is played with two teams of 9 players each.
. What do Martians have to do with the number 9? Sesame Street - My Martian Cutie (Number 9)

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Do your favorite bird species support prostate cancer research? 
Inca Terns always look distinguished since mature males and females sport mustaches.

Photo credit: Leslie Guinan

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What the world needs is a little more love, smiles, and Kermit! 
The Muppets take Joshua Tree, baby falcons hatch at Acadia, & Grand Teton picks a wildlife winner, in this week’s Best of the ’Net park roundup:
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