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I have been taking a break from YOGA+ but look forward to more hangouts in the new year!

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Excited to be teaching at this lovely new studio!
Wellness Event on Dec 6 will include free mediation as well as yoga!

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Just enjoyed a great yoga class taught by Erin Elhers of Yoga on the Hill in Kittery ME. Her sequence built beautifully to a seated gate pose. The is posture left me feeling open in the heart, lengthened in my side body and grounded. The following blog post has pictures and more information about parighasana.

Hosting 60 min of yoga in a hangout tonight at 8pm New York time. If you'd like an invite post below! 

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Looking for an online community to foster your physical well being? Check this out!
Let's Get Active Together - Celebrating #WorkoutWednesday  
let's build the kick-butt "I Can Do This!" fitness community

Since working out, being active, and getting buff can feel better with friends, I thought we should get together to support and inspire one another through our physical challenges. I'd love to hear about your daily/weekly goals, what music you listen to, what your favorite protein snack is, and how the community can help you.

To start, here's your challenge, should you choose to accept it...

1) Post 1-3 photos of yourself doing something that gets you out of your seat and breaking a sweat
2) Share a little bit about yourself and your routine
3) Use the #WorkoutWednesday  hashtag so we can cheer each other on

All the best my friends!

(Btw, the photos taken below are a part of my 3/day per week routine at Core Performance where I focus on strength and resistance training, and aerobic exercise. I usually drink a chocolate protein shake or eat some greens and chicken right afterwards. Drinking tons of water during my routine helps too)
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The historic information on earthquakes in NE from the USGS puts this quake into perspective. Its once in a couple decades that we get a quake this strong!

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I so enjoy geology in action!
Earthquake in New England - Portsmouth, NH 2012-1016 So we just experienced a magnitude 4.6 earthquake here in Portsmouth, NH. That's the first time I've ever dealt such a deep rumble in the Earth. Sign of the times? It's highly unusual for New England.

I just received news about this new yoga venture that will work to bring yoga to those who need it most by using Google + Check +Rock Hill Yoga out and stay tuned to their profile for information about yoga hangouts.

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I am sharing this at the risk of becoming the curator of all things Google+ yoga and cat. #yoga
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