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New job soon.. Gotta update on my Android design style.. 

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At least this was better than Me me me~
Girl caught in a spiral of depression and escapism, anguishing over a 
past regret while remaining ultimately unfulfilled by vapid media 
commodity and self-indulgent fantasy, but unable to escape and reconnect
 with reality.

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One of the best music composer ever! Hiroyuki Sawano-sama! Paired up with one of the best anime of this year~

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random scrolling.. found this~ awesome weh!

Again..I'm hit with the realization that I'm not as good as what ppl thought of me~ haih~

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I can relate to this.. lolz~ those were the days~

Of all the things I downloaded.. The Android Wear SDK I forgot... facepalm

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The truth of an IT graduate 
6 months ago, I graduated from one of the prominent local university in Malaysia. I dreamed to buy a car and properties after I started working. I already imagine how big my salary will be when I enrolled to the campus.

But during my 2nd year during my Undergraduate studies, I already realised, that it wont be that easy after I started helping my friend selling gadgets at pasar malam and in facebook. A lot of stuff I learned from person that I have meet everyday. Its not easy to get a loan. The moment I graduated, I have a PTPTN debt that need to be settled within 10 years time.

During my 3rd year 2nd sem, I have meet a lecturer for a subject,she is new lecturer. She is very good and I admire her for the professionalism. And she already expose to us how tough an IT stakeholder will behave outside there in 1 semester. A lot of bullets and arguments me and my buddy accept it and digest it. 

During my internship, I learned how shit IT industries and corporate world in Malaysia. Even you have a professional cert, you still need to be an asskisser to achieve something. If you heard fresh grad getting 4k salary since the beginning. Thats is a trap. You wont enjoy much due to much of pressure. It may look nice because of nice iPhones, nice shoes, travelling here and there. Without knowing you are trapped and you wont grow much. It depends on your goal I would say. But this people who take the job, almost most of them "sembang" to success. They already comfortable. They wont leave this promising job. Remember I say most of them,not all of them. They are people who want to change their life. 

So, its normal for a fresh grad, to stay rent room in 8 housemates, travel to work in LRT/public buses, eat less, and forget about getting a property .And that is why some of the fresh grad join MLM because of promising thing to be rich while young. Less blood and sweat.

But trust me, all this pain will make you better in future. 
Its all started with a question, in 5 years time what would you doing?

What my answer? 
By the age 30, I don't think I will be a millionaire. But at least I have a stable business,salary that is enough to cover my family and have savings for future undertaking, good knowledges, & great networks to make a better place. 

What is my goal? What is the purpose of life?
Still searching because my goal is kinda influenced not deep from my heart. 

Stop reading things about startup in the Internets.
If you want a startup, make a MVP while you work during weekends, get few users to use it, see how it goes. Make adjustment. If it fails, stop there and learn the mistakes. FInd a new idea, do back again. If it goes well. hire a sales guy or economic background guy to prepare some projected numbers. Show to merciless funder,let them decide to fund.And then you will see the path right infront of you.  That how things work in Malaysia. Not pitch first, get seed,buat MVP,pastu success. Malaysia not same like US. 

Lepas Raya, need to do as what I say in this post. Not sembang. JUST DO IT! - Shia Lebouf. A friend of mine,pitch his idea, its good, its complicated to build, but I tell him, just do it while you are not graduated. Dont think of anything. Because of that, I feel motivated. 1 week raya break,need to build a mvp,and see how it goes. 

If you read this post, please pray for me and for Malaysia future that getting F%$#ked up so that things gonna go well.

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Soon we'll have robot building orbital elevators!
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