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Elisabeth Zguta
Suspense Author of paranormal mystery & supernatural thriller
Suspense Author of paranormal mystery & supernatural thriller

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5 Steps To Complete Your Writing Project. Things you need to have in your timeline #writing

Though we are writers, we are still a business and need to approach our work project like any other business person would. There needs to be time allotment, and targets to motivate and measure. This goes beyond outlining and is more in tune to project management.

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If you are in this writing and publishing game for the long term, shortsighted tactics are not the answer. You need to find your own unique way of doing things, and that takes time.

There are many voices who want to sell you their recipe for finding readers and climbing charts, but being true to yourself is the way to go.

The best tips come from the beloved writers from years ago, like Saul Bellow, he understood.

"We should trust our own sense of life, be less ambitious and tell truths. Some truths are indeed friends of the universe. Nothing in life is easy."


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I hope all you IndieAuthors and writers enjoy your Friday - I'm turning off all digital devices and heading to my office to spend the day writing. I hope you can find time to write, too.

#keepwriting #amwriting #InTheWoods 

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Inspiration is everywhere. No matter where we wander, art and design surround us.

#nature #art

Art and design surround us. There are so many creative people willing to share their inspiration with us. All we have to do is look.

#keepwriting #keepcreating 

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Great analysis the Twin Peaks seasons 1 & 2 - why it was so appealing and trend setting. Cinematography brought to television challenged the viewers to think and become involved with the storytelling. Brilliant.
Video by +ScreenPrism #TwinPeaks

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Like many other fans, I've been waiting for this new season to begin . . . down to 16 days and counting
Looking forward to seeing what the characters are up to, what the new characters will get into, and what Dale Cooper has become . . . the last show left me traumatized.

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I'm going over (reading aloud) the finished draft of "In The Woods", my next novel. I love the setting of this story, the North East Kingdom. I sent a copy to a beta reader (my sister) who happens to be a prolific reader 📚👀 and she discovered a slip, where in one scene I forgot a detail that was necessary to better define a character's motives. Thank goodness for a second set of eyes. Some things that I thought could be cut, she advised for me not to cut. Hmm. Another set of eyes is needed to break the tie. On to the next beta reader.

This has been a great writing experience, and so far fun to rewrite and edit, too. Kill the darlings 🔪🎭 #Ilovewriting
#IndieAuthor #amediting #amwriting 

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Friends, please check out this great interview, and answers to questions about selfpublishing. Check out my host's book as well. #review #interview #indiepublishing #LovetoRead

Thank you +Donna Brown for the wonderful book review and for such a thoughtful interview. I enjoyed working with you on your post. 

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A small post I wrote, reminding myself of why I write darker fiction, and the truth in the world, we live with good and evil. No matter how much we wish it away, it's here - evil baked into our DNA - so enjoy each moment like it's your last, because it could be. See the list of some famous individuals who have died already in 2017 RIP

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In The Woods, my work in progress, is a story of how life deals with death and how death liberates secrets to breath new life into our future path. Samantha Tremblay discovers a dead body and much more . . .

#amwriting #murder #mystery #thriller #BrunswickSprings 
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