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Elisabeth Zguta
Suspense Author of paranormal mystery & supernatural thriller
Suspense Author of paranormal mystery & supernatural thriller

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Outlander Book Series - My Reviews
I have already posted a review for The Outlander Book 1 and you can read it here: Here are a few more thoughts of mine about the books. I hope you find my short reviews an enticing glim...

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Authors tend to read more than most others, but it's horrifying to know that as we increase our college educated, the reading habits of adults decreases. The publishing rate of books is also increasing, which makes finding readers all the more difficult. There is one saving grace - READING IS GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH - So pass that information along and let's get everyone reading. Maybe next year's Pew surveys will show an upward trend.

#amreading #amwriting #healthyliving 

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Review of A True Gothic Tale
Within The Glass Darkly: Volume 1 of the Glass Darkly Gothic Vampire Series written by William Gareth Evans     This book is truly written with Gothic flare but can pass muster for today's discerning horror thriller reader. The atmosphere is an extra charac...

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#amwriting every day and sometimes it's hard work to get the right emotional tension - but we go there anyway.

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These are great tips and a reminder to create tension and conflict in scenes and unique characters a reader will remember. #writingtips 

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#twinpeaks fans - you know you are . . .
time to rewatch the first 2 seasons (if you haven't already) to get in the mood for season three with new episodes. I believe we'll see some surprises and new faces. The story will take us to a new level of storytelling again. Drink lots of coffee and get ready for the ride. 

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BookDaily featured for Feb 14th
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Paranormal/Horror
Read a snippet then grab the book . . .

Robert, caught between good and evil, assists the FBI special task force to take out the Black Wolf Society. He tries to redeem himself, to save his family, and his soul.
Read free chapter at 

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Quick Review- Letters To The Damned by Austin Crawley
Letters To The Damned by Austin Crawley This book is an old fashioned creepy tale that will immerse you into the world of an
old village and pumps the imagination with pictures that move, disappearing sounds, magic ceremonies and vague threats by bulls. Th...

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The things we say like: through the glass darkly ... an ancient phrase signifying our lack of seeing clearly #amwriting

It’s funny how we repeat phrases often without thinking of where they came from or the context of the meaning. I noticed one such phrase recently “through a glass darkly“. I had suggested to a reading group at that we should read a book…

check out what I discovered about the phrase 'glass darkly'

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Happy Friday the 13th. If something strange happens to you today, good or bad, go ahead and blame it on Friday the 13th. - some reading lists for your (scary story) pleasure
#paranormal #Gothic #spiritualism #horror 
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