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Tell Congress to vote NO on PIPA and SOPA!
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Every day a couple of dozen folks email me asking me to tell them what I think of their products.

When I have the time, or interest, to respond I generally ask myself a battery of questions:

a. Is the logo iconic?
b. Could you tell me the domain name over the phone once and have me type it in correctly?
c. Is it clear within 10 seconds what the purpose of this product or service is? Does it matter if it is clear?
d. Is the design world-class?

Those are tactical questions that let me know the person has skills. Everyone can pass those tests with a couple of months of hard work.

My two brutal questions, which you can't simply pass with a couple of months of hard work, are how recommendable and unforgettable your product is.

Here is how I ask them:

1. Would I recommend this product?
2. Will I remember this product next month and next year?
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Latest editorial by +Jason Calacanis!

"For the better part of the last two decades we've compared the lean-forward experience of computers with the lean-back experience of television.

At Mahalo today, as we were brainstorming new apps, we discussed an idea I had for a new app. Our president Jason Rapp asked, "Well, do you see it as a lean forward or a lean back experience?"

I thought for a minute and said, "Neither, it's more of a tablet experience. What would you call that? We need a name for that."

Then it hit me. Duh?

"It's the curl-up experience!" I blurted out.

Everyone nodded in complete understanding.

In fact, the most important experience in media is no longer learning forward into your computer, or leaning back to consume video, it's curling..."
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I love +Leo Laporte! Great chat with +Robert Scoble at LeWeb.
The leader of the Laportean cult

Here's +Leo Laporte in Paris in a fun conversation about his past while hanging out with me at the LeWeb Conference.

Do you watch ?
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Starting in 2012 I'm following the lead of +Robert Scoble and maximizing five screens to their fullest potential: iMac with extra monitor, laptop, iPad and iPhone wit it.
May Santa bring you more monitors

I hope you all get tons of monitors. This is how I keep on top of everything going on on social networks.

The Windows on my iMac are, from the left:

1. Quora.
2. Hacker News.
3. Google+.
4. Gmail.
5. Techmeme.
5b (hidden): Spotify.
5c (hidden): Skype.
6. Facebook.
7. Salesforce Chatter.
8. Twitter.

On the iPad: StreamBoard.
On the iPhone: Teleportd.
On the MacBook Air: AngelList.
On the Vizio 65-inch TV: Apple TV or Comcast or Xbox.

All of these windows stream and change in real time.

The microphones are Blue Microphones (my favorite is the Baby Bottle on the left).

This system absolutely rocks and I feel so fortunate to be able to afford it. I remember seeing multiple monitor systems when I worked at Microsoft and feeling so jealous that I couldn't afford them.

By the way, I blame +MG Siegler for this. He wrote in Techcrunch that the new iMac could support two Thunderbolt monitors and I knew then that I had to have this system.

This has made me a lot more productive although I'm still horrible at answering email. I do read every single email, though.

Anyway, hope Santa brings you all more monitors. I've decided you can't have enough.

Oh, off screen I have a Google Chromebook and a Toshiba Tablet, along with a few other phones, but I figure I'd only include those screens I regularly use.
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This is an awesome app! I've already made my Top 10 Kanye West Songs playlist. Think you have a better Top 10? Add yours to Top10 so we can compare!
Recommendation and discovery engine Top10 recently launched a Spotify app for users to create and share top 10 playlists with friends and other users on the platform. In order to access the apps, you will need to download the Spotify preview version.

Users can easily click and drag tracks to make top 10 playlists based on artist, genre, era and more. There are currently 2K+ top 10 lists in the app that you can browse and subscribe to.

When you create a Top 10 Kayne West Songs playlist, for example, Top10 will add it to the collection and from there, you can...
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