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Bread without an oven?
Making bread is complicated and time consuming, at least that's what I think. That's why I was so happy to find this recipe for a bread you make on the stove. It seemed easy to put together and it was! Here is how to make it.. INGREDIENTS   for 6 breads 25 ...

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Healthy snack under 100 calories
Grilled seaweed are the perfect snack! It is tasty (the most important quality in a snack), it contains a lot of essential nutrients and it is low in calories and fat. Also seaweed has a lot of fibers. The entire bag of Grilled Seaweed Super Crisp contains ...

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Low calorie mulled apple cider recipe
Mulled wine and mulled apple cider are some of the best things with Autumn according to me, but they are quit sugary and calorific. Not something to over indulge in unfortunately.. Or is it? I just tried to make mulled apple cider with  Alpine sugar free Sp...

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Making dumplings
I love Asian food and cooking. I love wok, I love sushi and I love Tikka Masala. Many people are afraid of cooking Asian because it sounds hard, but it really isn't! For example dumplings. It looks and seems complicated. Therefor I didn't dare to try and ma...

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Heaven in a yellow plastic container...
Messmör is my all time favorite spreading. It's so good! I've missed it since I moved here to London a month and a half ago, and did not come up with the idea to go to a Swedish store and buy it until just now. Messmör is a Swedish dairy product that taste ...
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