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Fantastic video if you need to learn how fly and shoot in a sound booth in took a few seconds to understand it was not in ingrish.
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OUR FOCUS: to create real time short stories about your events for guests to boast and post via social networks, exponentially expanding your impact and success!

Totally different than your traditional production teams you’ve used for years, the is made up of radio control wizards, social media mavens, and live TV producers all focused on the HERE & NOW, just like a LIVE news crew. stories are captured and posted within 60 minutes!

Our custom designed Hollywood style floating, flying, rigs and HD cameras capture those special angles and 1st person perspectives that will have your guests in awe and be the talk of the event! And our live news editing stations will have guests boasting and posting about their amazing experiences at your event while it is happening.

Riding the social media wave, the is focused on the NOW, like a LIVE news crew. stories are posted on the social networks within an hour of being shot. We also socially monitor each clip to ensure they are making the biggest and most viral impact possible!

YES the are pros, YES they’ve been in the industry for decades, YES they are insured for their adventurous production styles, YES they are FAA approved, YES they understand Event Planners pressure points, YES they will make YOU and your event look genius and hip! You’ll be amazed how economical this “bar raising, difference maker” is to add to your next event.

Connect with the storytellers NOW at and start creating some great stories!  - 214.432.1993