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Graeme Sutherland
Web/Python/Software Engineer, Writer, Thinker, Profile Adjuster
Web/Python/Software Engineer, Writer, Thinker, Profile Adjuster

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Nothing to it but to Doodle it. #GoogleAtCurrys

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Friends in the UK: you need to write to your MP on this one.. I know there's always another Petition or letter. The all matter, but I happen to think this one is super important.

'Our' government have decided that they need to pass "Emergency" legislation to authorise wholesale data collection by ISPs because the existing legislation was struck down by the EU Court of Justice as it is incompatible with EU Human Rights legislation. 

So they are ramming though new broader laws with new broad powers without proper debate or any parliamentary scrutiny. 

And there is no Emergency. Smells. Like. A. Stich. Up.

Please write to your MP on this one. It is important.

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Oh Piano Minimal

I found Greg Haines after booking for a Greg Haines / Peter Broderick collaboration concert.  And wow.  He's added to the library.

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HMRC to sell our tax data for "research".  Just like fiasco.  No Thanks.  Petition to sign if you care:

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I'm very fond of the Dogecoin community.. Making a useful and heartfelt tipping and donation currency. And not a get rich quick investment currency. So it is great to see the press taking an interest.

If you'd like to play with Dogecoin, comment here and I'll send you a few coins.

And check out the dogecoin subreddit for the community.

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Stuck in winter
I start to explain You interrupt me again Unfinished sentence You try to explain Angrily I turn to leave Blame and counter blame Stuck in winter Fighting over being right Spring a listless dream Our love lies bleeding Pull the emergency brake Let's laugh at...

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To be lost as a man

Try it:
Be hard, be self-congratulating
Tough and loud Disparaging --
Taking no prisoners

And as one by one
your mates drift away into their own awakenings
There you still are:
Woooden-hearted --
A prisoner

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Cherry red blood
Welling where its head should be
I murdered a beetle

Trying to help
Sweeping it off the tarmac
I lost its head

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