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Newest addition to my recommended reading list: "The Wolf and the Tower Unwoven" by Kelly Sandoval. I'd been eagerly awaiting the day Uncanny released the online version of this one! Spoiler-free review and links to the story below. 
"The Wolf and the Tower Unwoven" by Kelly Sandoval (Uncanny Magazine). When a feral wolf in human form turns up outside Cresa's house, the humanity that she once sought threatens to become the chain that binds her, and she...
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A witty saying proves nothing - Voltaire
Faith & the Muse, Vampire the Masquerade, and Neil Gaiman. 
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Only hire these people if you like the idea of having your pets cared for by someone who can't answer: "How do you know my pets are even alive?" We have indoor-only cats, and we hired Tammy for in-home pet sitting while we were away. We returned to discover one of our cats missing. When we still hadn't found him after a few hours, I called Tammy. She blithely told me that she hadn't seen him for four or five days, and because I told her that she didn't need to clean my second floor, she didn't even bother to look for him. My wife and I spent the next four days in a gut-wrenching panic. Every little sound and every blur of motion became an orange cat for just long enough to be heartbreaking. Every dead animal on the side of the road... It was awful. We tore both sides of our duplex apart, emptied our basement, purchased equipment to look into our walls and ducts, checked shelters, made flyers, and patrolled our neighborhood at all hours. We finally found our cat in a nearby overgrown lot, cowering in an abandoned storage trailer. When I called Tammy to talk about it, she demonstrated zero empathy, claimed to be utterly infallible, and made wild accusations, such as blaming my landlady (who was out of town at the time). Tammy even suggested that I’d made the whole thing up. She wasn't interested in documented evidence or that there were witnesses to his discovery/rescue. She insulted us, mocked our distress, and never once entertained the idea that she was in any way at fault for losing an animal whose absence she ignored (and neglected to mention) for days. There's so much more, like ignoring instructions or locking herself out of the house, but this review comes down to unapologetic negligence and the failure to do the only part of the job that really mattered: keeping my animals safe. In the interest of full disclosure, this was the second time I’d used Tammy. The first time around, I paid her several weeks late. She doesn’t take plastic, and the nearest branch of my bank is in Syracuse, so I had a box of checks mailed to me specifically to pay her. By way of an apology for making her wait, I voluntarily overpaid that bill by $50.
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