Hey #BigData Developers: Google BigQuery is now available to the general public!

#BigQuery is a cloud hosted, massive data analytics service. It's based on Google's internal Dremel technology - the same system that allows us to run queries over our massive log file datasets. BigQuery features a SQL-like query language, scales to terabyte datasets and beyond, and is accessed via a RESTful. See Ju-kay Kwek's blog post about the launch, and what people are already building with BigQuery (http://googledevelopers.blogspot.com/2012/05/google-bigquery-brings-big-data.html).

As a developer, here are my favorite things about BigQuery:
• Completely cloud hosted: worry about building your app, not infrastructure
• BigQuery is really really fast: query results over massive datasets come back on the order of seconds, not minutes or hours
• SQL-like query language: Easy to get started if you are familiar with general SQL syntax
My favorite thing about BigQuery: It's a RESTful API! You can work with BigQuery in the language of your choice.. but it's also easy to integrate it with App Engine.

I am really looking forward to seeing what other data developers build with the BigQuery API! Let us know what you are working on.

Google Engineers will be answering your BigQuery development questions at the Stack Overflow tag "google-bigquery":

Also, don't forget to add other Google DevRel staff that are working on data projects... we'd love to hear about your work!
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